Top 5 Benefits of White Space Technology

What is white space technology?

The unused broadcasting frequencies in the wireless spectrum is known as White Space. White Space technology utilizes the unused space in terrestrial TV spectrum to provide cheap Internet connectivity to remote areas. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) defines White Space as a composition of:

  • Unallocated Spectrum
  • Allocated and/or assigned, but underutilized spectrum
  • Arises naturally between used channels as a result of interference avoidance (guard band); inherent aspect of radio communications
  • Spectrum that is coming free as a result of TV transmission digitalization (Digital Dividend)

White space technology


Use of White space technology

The technology and standard are still being developed but are based on IEEE 802.22 which has specifications on use of low power and cognitive radio; though apps for rural geographies might rely on higher power devises. The technology would make use of gaps called “White Space” that sits in the frequency bands used to broadcast digital TV. It is possible some of these gaps would be use by other applications. White Space technology especially the use of TV white space seeks to implement an alternative wireless broadband connectivity. The amount of space available depends on location, power level of devices and the time of the day for which the white spectrum is been accessed.


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Benefits of White space technology

  • White Space broadband is also notably faster than traditional Wi-Fi, this technology is set to revolutionize wireless networking.
  • The most interesting benefit of White space technology is the ability to roll out inexpensive, reliable broadband access to the disconnected rural populace.
  • White Space networks have potential to unleash innovation by creating a new class of applications based on deploying networks in areas where traditional networks cannot be easily deployed (rural deployments, M2M etc).
  • The idea of using white spaces for wireless broadband is transformational. Access to schools, an online education, and peers across the globe will lead to the creation of an internet ready, tech-savvy, emergent workforce.
  • The traditional Wireless broadband can be accessed across the walls but with White space technology the network can run across a distance of up to 10 kilometers.

There is also the potential for white space to be used to improve the strength of Wifi signals by between three to five times.


Information & Communication Technologies has drastically changed the world we live in. With increase in Knowledge Sharing, Entertainment, Socialization etc, billions of people around the world utilize ICT to function in real-time across the world without any delay. They access mobile broadband networks where the limitations of wire-line access are overcome by giving people the ability to communicate anytime and anywhere. Imagine a world where everyone is connected, with access to an infinite amount of information. This vision can be fulfilled by utilizing unused broadcasting frequencies.


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