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network and security infrastructure

Key notes

Centralized IT infra for a medical education and training department

The Objective

Deploying a centralized IT infrastructure in 8 Medical colleges

The Challenge

As the existing networks were not stable, this directly affected the functioning of Hospital Management and Information System (HMIS) in the medical colleges. Hence, it was necessary to prioritize the launch of a centralised Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure with added security and universal access to HMIS application.

The Inspira Solution

Identifying the core need of a LAN infrastructure, Inspira seamlessly deployed LAN at each hospital to create a centralized IT environment. The latest network infra was secured by the next generation firewall which ensures the government data is safe and encrypted.

Key Benefits

Successful implementation of an advanced IT infra within 4 months was a huge accomplishment on the client side. There were many other benefits that followed with this upgrade:

  • Improved operation efficiency with a unified network
  • Centralized management for IT administration.
  • Added security to ensure the Government Data is not compromised from any advanced cyber threats.
  • Universal access to business applications with real-time insight in to the business, help in better management and planning.
  • Reduced operational cost with better customer service and support ensured quick resolutions and efficient business operations

The Result

Inspira’s successfully deployed a unified network and security infrastructure in each of the 8 medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh, India.

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