Inspira assists its customers with Digital Transformation Technologies and Cyber Security Solutions


The year 2020 has indeed raised some serious challenges for every business and demands for the “new normal” approach, stronger digital adoption, enhanced empathetic attitude from brands and a complete redesign of customer experience. Inspira is mindful of these changes and is on the forefront of adopting every measure to ensure not only business continuity but also business development for self as well as for its customers.


According to a recent article, 71 percent of buyers would lose trust in a brand (forever)if they perceived a brand was putting profit over people right now. Brands that traditionally aimed at increasing their ‘Share of Voice’ will now have to rethink on how to increase ‘Share of Empathy.’ Inspira concurs with these insights and is conscientiously moving towards “story telling” from the customer’s perspective. Since the present situation demands switching to digital
mode of conduct; Inspira has accelerated its participation in virtual forms of communication. All in all, it is an exciting time as the team is innovating and experimenting with a new vigour and it will not be wrong to say that we are learning new things every day.


Inspira is helping its customers embark on their Digital transformation journey with its Digital Practice – ANKIOS ‘derived from, Ankiya – Digital in Sanskrit and Cosmos’. With a tech savy team that is cross trained on latest technologies such as Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain and Cyber Security, Inspira has been working in a domain focused approach for its customers. With the domain specialization approach, Inspira is at a better position to understand the customer’s problems and help them solve the issues not only with technology but also through a consulting approach. With the thought process of digital, we promote the thought process which states ‘You are here in 2020 and should sustain the digital disruption till at least 2030’.


Cybersecurity needs to be considered in a holistic way by organizations and not in a silo. Every organization need to assess the risks from cyber threats based on their environment and what their peers face in the same Industry. Once a proper risk assessment is undertaken, the cybersecurity posture can be elevated with a combination of people, process and technology. Inspira offers holistic risk assessment and intelligent security solutions to evaluate cyber risk posture and prevent cyber-attacks through efficient cyber resilience.


R&D is a process that helps an organization to stay updated with the current situation, grow and remain relevant with the digital transformation/ disruption era. Inspira has always focused on R&D to add value to its customers; for instance, its healthcare product, hospital management information system jointly developed with Manorama Infosolutions has been upgraded with the latest technologies to scale up and deployed quickly during the covid-19 scenario. The success or failure of any company is dependent on where the focus is. Inspira feels lucky to have associates both in terms of tech and domain within the company who are able to understand its customer needs well within
time, because of which the company has been successful in the digital India space.

In 2020, Inspira is not only focusing on the business practices of its customers to be digitally transformed but also on their cybersecurity practices, i.e. to keep its customers’ cybersecurity above and beyond, using the latest technologies. Inspira has a state of the art Security Operation Centre based out of Mumbai, through which it manages cyber security of its customers and Inspira’s R&D team keeps it up to date to be ahead of the cyber attackers by utilizing the latest technologies.

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