In a direct benefit transfer scheme, it is important to ensure that benefits provided by the scheme reaches the intended beneficiary.

Any instance of file tampering/manipulation by any insider or outsider can result in:

  • Benefits provided not reaching the intended beneficiaries
  • Reputation loss for the authorities
  • Citizen`s loss of faith in similar services


To ensure file integrity, Inspira proposed and deployed file integrity monitoring tool, a hosted or on-premise application that protects files from tampering. If tampered file is detected, it can be recovered automatically in near-real time.


Thanks to Inspira’s solution, the department enjoys benefits like

  • Discover unauthorized changes – Any attempt to modify/change files could easily be discovered. In case of any modification/unauthorized changes, files can be restored to earlier state.
  • Files monitoring and verification – Re-computed files hashes and verification of KSI signatures to ensure timely discovery of any unauthorized file modification. In case of tampered files, it could be restored to earlier state.
  • Reducing conflicts, associated with files integrity – Created an immutable history of the records to reduce the large number of conflicts associated with files tampering by internal/external threats.
  • Increased business operations continuity.
  • Seamless business operations to ensure citizen’s trust on its services.