The client has 100G connectivity between Spine & Leaf, 10G Campus Spine to Distribution Connectivity. The client wants to migrate from legacy infra and Services. They also wanted next generation firewall solution, VX-LAN solution, network, and security monitoring solution.


Inspira proactively provided technical consultancy to derive SOW, PQ and TQ, for the successful rollout for the projects. Inspira designed a highly scalable, reliable, and robust Spine & Leaf for DC & campus to replace legacy network routers and switches. Also provided support for the Network Design, Professional & Technical Training.


Client gained High Performance, High Availability, Secure, Manageable, Scalable, robust network for DC 1, DC2, and across 7 campus Budlings. Inspira proposed solution to improve performance when handling the predominantly east-west traffic, ready for future expansions, capable to carry triple play services very efficiently with help of QOS implementation.