D-Link Networking Solutions at DGS&D Rates with Inspira

dgs&d rate for network security

DGS&D is known as the Directorate General of supplies and Disposals. It is a Central Purchase & Quality Assurance Organization of Govt. of India, Dept. of Supply and Ministry of Commerce. Prospective Buyers under DGS&D Rate Contract are Central & State Governments, Public Undertakings, Autonomous Bodies and Quasi Public Bodies. Services Offered by DGS&D include Consultancy services on availing R/C prices, Finalizing tender documents for their own procurement  and Quality assurance support.

Advantages of procurement through DGS&D

  • Sales closure cycle at its minimal
  • Payment Terms relatively much better
  • Facility of bulk purchase of lowest competitive price
  • Saves effort involved in tedious & frequent tendering for customers
  • Green Channel which implies – No Inspection and faster turnaround time for deliveries
  • Good products with quality assurance


Directorate General Supplies and Disposals (DGS&D) awarded D-Link with a rate contract agreement for the purchase of Network Security products and services. DGS&D Rate Contract R/C No. SSNETWORKI/IT-1/RC-71160000/0216/81/OA612/4790 valid till April 2017. Through Inspira, a national D-Link distributor – D-Link will offer industry-leading Network Security solutions (Routers, Switches, Cable and Racks) and services to Government institutions (both Central & State Government), PSUs & autonomous bodies.


As D-Link & Inspira looks to target more Government opportunities, the company’s Networking technology and market presence are strongly placed to support national initiatives such as Digital India & Smart Cities. D-Link & Inspira aims to enhance its customer base across various Government departments and ministries including defense, railway, public sector units, and citizen services.


Commenting on the empanelment Mr. Tushar Sighat, Executive Director & CEO, D-Link (India) Ltd. said, “D-Link is proud to participate in the DGS&D rate contract and are very excited to contribute to the Government of India’s Digital mission. The DGS&D Rate contract presents a big opportunity for System Integrators to participate and secure business from various government departments under the DGS&D rates. With focused approach to serve government sector & PSU departments we are happy to partner with Inspira. We are also confident that this partnership will further contribute to our persistent growth”.


Manoj Kanodia, CEO, Inspira said, “We are delighted to partner with D-Link under DGS&D rate contract in providing our Networking solutions to both Central & State Government agencies. We are taking an important step in accelerating the digital revolution of India. We believe that our innovative Networking solutions will provide smooth user experience.


D-Link & Inspira will conduct events and roadshows & training programs for partners focusing on the government sector in A, B & C class cities, to introduce the System Integrators community to business opportunities under the DGS&D Rate contract. This will also act as a dais to interact, engage & share brand roadmap for future.


Computer technology makes information coordination simple, and in this modern era government relies on computers to function at the expected level of effectiveness. Government & PSUs are investing heavily in technology. IT is playing a significant role in adopting the mantra of ‘speed, scale and skills’. There is greater need of technology in areas like agriculture, power, petroleum, natural gas and defense. Information Technology is extensively used in generic applications like Office Automation and Tele-communication. Massive infrastructure for telecommunication, computing and computer networking has been created in Government & PSUs. Huge Investments are expected in Cloud, Big data, Mobility, Data Centre, Network, Access control & Surveillance.



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