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Cyber Operations

Round the clock cyber defense - Security Operations-as-a-Service

Strengthen your security posture throughout your organization

Keep your network secure 24×7. Manage and sustain your security operations seamlessly with improved and cost-effective security-as-a-service. Achieve a better security posture with a proactive Incident Response, Breach Response, Managed Detection and Response Services.

Get access to our state-of-the-art Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to enjoy a significant increase in security effectiveness, operational efficiency and long-term business value.

Our Capabilities

Intelligence-driven Cyber Defense

Get a holistic framework to manage risks using a catalog to identify, assess and report breaches. Establish personalized security and privacy programs to fulfill regulatory requirements.

Managed Detection & Response 
Managed SOAR 
Threat Intelligence & Threat Hunting 
Risk Management
Digital Trust

Managed Digital Trust

Enable Digital Identity and Access Management throughout operations, development and management – across employees, contractors, consumers and devices. 

Managed Identity & Access Management 
Managed Data Security 
Managed OT/IoT 

Managed Security & Privacy Risk

Ensure Corporate GRC through a simplified and proactive approach. Benefit from outcome-driven managed governance, risk and compliance monitoring and reporting. 

Managed Governance, Risk and Compliance 
Security Compliance Monitoring 
Cybersecurity Risk
Application Security

Managed Application Security

Embed security at every phase of application development to provide protection in the true sense. Incorporate best practices at strategic points to identify vulnerabilities. 

Application Security Testing & Vulnerability Management 
Penetration Testing 

Managed Cloud & Infrastructure Security

Safeguard your valuable assets while driving business agility, cost savings and scalability.

Managed Cloud Security 
Managed Infrastructure Security 
Cloud Infrastructure Security

Success Stories

Establishing a robust IT network across the campus

My Special Thanks to Inspira Team for implementing network and security setup at OTPC Delhi- Data center. and site Palatana. There were various ups and downs in OTPC project, but the team was able to resolve those problems. The extra time and effort put in were certainly worthwhile. We wish Inspira a successful and great future.

Sunil Kumar ​

ONGC Tripura Power Company Limited



Global Security Operation Center to protect your Data

In today’s world, IT System & Network often get exposed to various types of threats which cause significant data and financial losses…


Rising Need for Managed
SOC Providers

In today’s world organizations are not immune to cyber-attacks. Hence there is increasing need for managed SOC providers…

Monitor, Prevent, Detect and Respond to Cyber Threats around-the-clock