Go to market

Go to market strategy

The enterprises in different verticals are fanatical to opt for a complete business transformation from legacy disparate applications to a sophisticated ERP suite to standardize processes and policies across organizations and geographies. The organizations are realizing the need for efficiency and accountability on a single platform. On top of these, security and mobility remain some of the burning trends that are propelling the CIOs to relook into their IT strategies. To help organizations deal with the data management and security issues of their IT infrastructure, networks and access control systems, Inspira Enterprise provides various Cyber Security, Blockchain, RPA, Cloud, Smart City Solutions, Networking & Healthcare Solutions in association with world renowned OEMs.

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity has become critical for large organizations and small startups. New risks are being created as real and virtual worlds strike and digital ecosystems expand. Inspira focusses on fast-moving IT trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Blockchain, evolving security technologies and a world class dedicated Security Operation Centre in Mumbai running 24 x 7 x 365 days. Inspira is firmly positioned as an end-to-end system integrator in verticals like Government, BFSI, Public Sector Undertakings (PSU), IT/ITeS, Healthcare & large-scale Enterprises. Besides supply and implementation, the organization also endeavors to educate and provide expertise on the best combinations of solutions available to suit customer needs.

In B2B market lot of significance is given to the brand, reputation and social proof case studies & testimonials that convey integrity, reliability and consistency. Although pricing is a highly considered criterion, quality and brand plays crucial role while making decisions. Inspira’s go to market strategy has been carefully laid out, right from positioning brand Inspira, selecting target group to pricing structure.

At Inspira, we are strengthening our digital marketing communication for the coming year with clear focus on brand positioning along with our COE’s (Center of Excellence). Triggering sales without having to handle individual customers, we are focused on our website for lead generation, manage SEO, SEM & SMM to drive visits to the website. Marketing strategies like content marketing, social media, search engine marketing & search engine optimization play crucial role for successfully building the brand Inspira.

Our marketing strategies are now getting much focused, we have now started working towards the future of marketing concept i.e B2ME. All our marketing communications are getting personalized to an extent that would positively impact the decision maker of any organization.

The company has successfully carved a unique market position as a true end-to-end partner for IT technologies & solutions (a.k.a IT Aggregator). “Inspira’s expertise and resource pool allow us to be an extension to our OEM partners in India coupled with system integrator capabilities to address end customer requirements. With a determination to go an extra mile to ensure customers achieve the desired outcome, the company envisions to constantly making an impact on the Indian IT industry by promoting innovative, high quality, price-performing technologies.