Need to build Sound IT Security Strategy

The very basic reason for the significance of having a sound IT security strategy is that, the internet is frightening, and cyber threats are diverse and cunning (malware, Trojans, spyware, worms, adware, bots, phishing, zero-day exploits). We have heard about data breach cases at large corporate in past. But now criminals are also behind small businesses. Every business can be affected by IT security threats and the risks are often greater for small and mid size businesses.

IT Security Strategy



Small and midsize businesses are targeted because they spend less time and money on IT security. They cannot afford dedicated IT security staff and current resources may not have the knowledge and expertise to build and implement a comprehensive IT security strategy and solutions. Now a days Cyber criminals have better resources to attack business. Small and midsize businesses can find affordable ways to address these concerns with a thoughtful IT security strategy.


No single IT security strategy or solution can do everything. The best IT security strategy and solutions requires layered approach to security. In fact, each layer of defense will have a layered level of tools to address multiple attack vectors.


1st Layer of Defense: Unified Threat Management Gateway Appliance (UTM).

Firewall which includes gateway antivirus, network firewall, gateway anti-spam, content filtering, zero day protection, data loss prevention, network intrusion prevention, load balancing and on-appliance reporting. Only having firewall is not enough. A good UTM will prevent the majority of cyber-attacks.


Additional layers like spam filtering, antivirus, anti-malware can be added with UTM.

  • The spam filter will catch unwanted email before it hits inbox.
  • Good anti-malware will work alongside other IT security software without conflicts to add another layer of protection.
  • Comprehensive endpoint security solution includes intrusion detection and prevention.

Along with hardware and software maintain all of IT security patches and keep vulnerable software up to date. Institute security policies and educate team to recognize suspect emails and other vulnerabilities. There should be effective backup and disaster recovery system. If a problem such as a Crypto Locker does occur, you need to be able to restore your network to a prior state in order to remove this IT security threats.


There solutions might sounds expensive and time consuming. One can partner with world-class Managed Services Providers. They provide IT Security solutions on subscription basis.


Inspira Enterprise which offers IT security solutions on Cloud and on-prim also, have the affordable subscription module which can be procured by and Small and midsize companies.


Every company should periodically assess risk, document an entity-wide security program plan, establish a IT security management structure and clearly assign security responsibilities, implement effective IT security-related personnel policies and monitor the security program’s effectiveness and make changes if required.


Benefits of Sound IT Security strategy

  • Protect networks, computers and data from unauthorized access
  • Protection of Valuable Information – Information is one of the most valuable assets of any enterprise. Its protection is an important part of IT infrastructure. Integrating security solution can protect all information.
  • Keeping Ahead of Competitors – Implementing Security Solutions keeps organization ahead in competition. IT Security Solution fits into existing business processes. Data protection acts as icing on the cake.
  • It generates a good image and reputation. Improved stakeholder confidence in your information security arrangements.
  • Faster recovery times in the event of disruption. It ensures the continuity of critical business operations in the event of natural disasters or high-impact security incidents
  • It ensures compliance with laws and regulations. Improved company credentials with the correct security controls in place.
  • Improved information security and business continuity management.


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