Successful implementation of IT Infrastructure for Central Bank of India

Central Bank of India, the first Indian commercial bank wholly owned and managed by Indians. It is also known as Swadeshi Bank. Central Bank of India, established in 1911, was nationalized in the year 1969 and today is a leading Public Sector Undertaking. During the past 104 years Central Bank of India has experienced many storms and faced many challenges. The Bank has successfully transformed every threat into business opportunity and excelled over its peers in the Banking industry. Central Bank of India has three Regional Rural Banks, operational in three states of India viz. Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal, with an aggregate of more than 1630 branches, 31 Regional offices and 3 Head offices. It has made its position in the Indian banking industry through a range of innovative and unique banking activities.

Central Bank India


Central Bank of India has approximately 1500 branches under rural region and they plan to increase the branches by 800 till 2022, the current infra was not able to cater this requirement. There will be 2418 branches Pan India. Central Bank of India also wanted to upgrade their existing Server hardware which was sized for 1500 branches and business volumes projected in 2009.

The project was carried out in Mumbai (DC) & Hyderabad (DR).


Scope of Work

Inspira Enterprise – Leading IT Solutions provider in India, had to Supply, Installation and maintain Server, Storage, Network, Security & Server Virtualization Equipment’s for Core Banking at DC & DR and Provide warranty and AMC/ATS support for the tenure of the contract.

Server Hardware at DC & DRC

O.S. Installation on Servers on X86 Platform at DC & DRC

Server installation on virtualization of applications on x86 platform.

Storage Hardware at DC & DRC

Network Equipment’s at DC / DRC

  • Server Load Balancer for DC & DRC
  • Link Load balancer and global server load balancer for DC & DRC

Security Equipment’s at DC & DRC

  • Installation of Checkpoint firewall
  • Installation of Privileged Identity Manager
  • Installation of Database Activity Monitoring
  • Installation of Symantec Data Centre Security Suites
  • Installation of Bluecoat Web Proxy
  • Provide onsite comprehensive warranty support

Product Portfolio

  • Dell Server Storage
  • Brocade Switch
  • Microsoft
  • RHEL Linux – Symantec
  • Privileged Identity Management – Arcos
  • Data Center Security – Symantec
  • Datacenter Sec Suite – McAfee
  • Perimeter Firewall-Checkpoint
  • Proxy Server – Bluecoat
  • Load Balancer – Radware


Benefits & Results

The bank will be capable to handle increase in workflow, and will become potential to accommodate the growth of branches without buying new infrastructure components.

Secured Environment – There is increased security for computers and other devices, like networks that are connected to the Internet. The Security components used will prevent attackers from sending malicious programs to the computers over a network. The computers on the network will be able to send and receive restricted information to and from the outside world, thus helping to cut threats off at the source. It will limit and track access to sensitive data and resources.  It’s easy and cost-effective to enforce security policy. There will be superior protection across the entire security gateway. It will protect environment with social media and Internet applications.


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