Evolution of Technology in Healthcare

Technology is pervasive for all sectors to function seamlessly. Recent evolution of Technology in Healthcare has improved the basic healthcare scenario in India. Now technology in healthcare sector is considered to be the driving force. It has lead improvements in healthcare – changing the way healthcare organizations function to recent innovations and inventions in healthcare devices used to examine health of an individual.

Technology in Healthcare

Better and more accessible treatment is available due to innovations of technology in healthcare. Healthcare IT has opened up new avenues of exploration and research. Technology in Healthcare will allow experts to make healthcare more driven and effective. There is improved efficiency in patient care. The use of IT has made patient care safe and reliable. The healthcare staff members like nurses & doctors use hand-held computers to record important real-time patient data & their past case history. The important data of patients like lab tests results, records of vital signs and other critical data is stored in one centralized area. Software technology in Healthcare has improved in Disease Control because of AI (Artificial Intelligence) based algorithms. Software also plays a vital role in tracking procedures and billing thus reduce paperwork and allowing practitioners to use the data collected to improve quality of care and efficiency.

Inspira Enterprise – Leading IT Solutions Provider in India, with its center of excellence in Networking, Unified Communication, IT Security, Cloud, Smart City & Healthcare solutions have contributed to the technology in Healthcare sector.

Here are Inspira technology offerings in Healthcare which has been contributing to development of healthcare scenario in India.


 Hospital Management Information System

HMIS plays a crucial role in technology in healthcare sector in India.The HMIS is a complete, cohesive information system designed to manage entire hospital operations, thus enhancing the operational efficiency. The operations like medical, administrative, financial, legal and other corresponding services can be managed by HMIS. Inspira provides HMIS solution in association with Manorama Infosolutions which serves global healthcare industry as a “Turnkey IT Solution Provider”. Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) offered by Inspira provides safe, and robust environment for transactions across various departments in the hospital – Web Portal, IPD (Day-Care ERP), Specialization (EMR), Revenue (Insurance), Treatment (Pharmacy), Investigations (Diagnosis), OPD (Clinics), Patient (Home Care), Telemedicine, Teleradiology / PACS, Cloud (HIS | EMR/EHR | Telemedicine). For detailed information on our HIMS offerings and its feature visit our dedicated page on Hospital Management System.


Blood Gas Analyzer

Blood Gas Analyzer a boon in advancement of technology in Healthcare. Inspira provides i-STAT Blood Gas Analyzer in association with Abbott Point of Care. Abbott i-STAT is a handheld portable Blood Gas Analyzer that delivers lab-quality results, real-time in minutes. It is simple to use – by following 4 steps patient can get results in less time & at less cost. i-STAT system is faster and quicker compared to benchtops and central labs. It enhances patient satisfaction by reducing wait time and length of stay. I-STAT test cartridges cover large menu of commonly used tests in one platform. Wireless Analyzer transmits results wirelessly to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). For more information on Abbott Blood Gas Analyzer visit our dedicated page on Blood Gas Analyzer.


Digital Fundus Camera

A specialized low power microscope with an attached camera having an optical design based on that of an indirect ophthalmoscope. Digital Fundus cameras are described by the angle of view. Inspira Enterprise has partnered with Bosch to provide hand held fundus camera in India. Bosch Fundus Camera is an end-to-end, feature packed, easy to use, and affordable solution that seamlessly integrates multiple elements of eye care practice thus empowering a diabetologist or ophthalmologist to offer better point of care. The solution comprises of the handheld Bosch fundus camera, a supporting software (Medibilder), and automated detection algorithms for on demand diagnosis. It can be used in Eye Camps, Vision Centers, Primary Health Centers, Diabetes Clinics, Mobile Health and Diabetes Camps. Bosch Digital Fundus Camera is portable ergonomic and affordable. It helps in non-mydriatic screening, requires lesser screening time and has telemedicine feature. It is easily accessible on smart gadgets, tracks disease progression and does advanced reporting. For more information on Bosch Fundus camera visit our dedicated page on Digital Fundus Camera.


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