How Artificial Intelligence can replace human work

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?


The branch of computer science that emphasizes on creating intelligent machines that work and react like humans is known as Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence also known as machine learning, includes programming computers for traits like Speech Recognition, Learning, Planning, Problem solving, Knowledge, Reasoning, Perception, Ability to manipulate and move objects etc.


Machines may replace your job in future. We are feeling the pressure of automation for a long time. The smarter software can tackle and solve hard problems quickly. This might endanger the jobs of white and blue collar workers. There are chances of some jobs getting partially or entirely automated in coming decades.


How artificial intelligence can replace manual work?


Big Data

To stay ahead of competition as data growth continues to skyrocket, one has to do much more to get maximum value from the customer data. There is so much data being generated these days, that team of data analysts are not able to keep the pace with growth to explore the meaning of the data. Here is where the role of Artificial Intelligence comes in to picture. Artificial Intelligence adds a layer of intelligence to big data which helps to tackle complex analytical tasks much faster than humans could ever hope to do.


Call Center Employees

Call Center employees involved in telemarketing, call hundreds of customers to get maximum prospects every day. Similar kind of method is used today but in an efficient manner.

Many of today’s telemarketers are not human. We all have experienced, there’s nothing but an IVR (Integrated Voice Recording) on the other end of the line. It may prompt you to press various buttons “Numbers” for more information,” but nothing you say has an impact on the caller.

We sometimes get a call where we actually speak to a computer. We get appropriate response to whatever we say. How is that possible? There is a human being on the other side, pressing buttons on a keyboard to walk you through a pre-recorded but highly interactive marketing pitch. Using soundboard-assisted calling makes the individual call center employees more productive. A single worker can run two or even three calls at the same time.  In near future, computers will be able to man the phones by themselves.



Many accountants rely on accounting software. The softwares are easier to use and consumer-friendly. Startups and small businesses prefer automating their accounting needs rather than paying to an expensive accountant.

The transition from professional accountants to do-it-yourself software solutions will decrease the demand for accountants dramatically across verticals in the coming years.



Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents play an important role in the buying and selling of homes. In the information age everything is possible on your fingertips. Online services like magic bricks, 99 acres, makaan etc provide a comprehensive search of all available properties. A tech-savvy seller could potentially reach more buyers independently than with an agent.



Now a days, news articles are written by software. Some of the world’s most reputable publications regularly run computer-written articles. This is especially true in sports and finance verticals which are data-oriented.



Attorneys rely heavily on language. Computers are already capable of writing news articles and even entire books on technical subjects — they will soon replace lawyers. The software can draft legal documents, examine evidence in a case, and analyze past cases and their outcomes to structure arguments and legal documents independently.


Professional Drivers

Driverless cars are better than human drivers. They don’t have blind spots, they don’t get sleepy, and they don’t get distracted.  The availability of this new technology is going to revolutionize companies that depend on professional drivers.  Autonomous vehicles will be safe, cheap, fast and more reliable.


Medical Staff

The lower-level staff will be replaced by computers that perform their jobs more accurately and efficiently.



Cash counting machine has assisted Cashiers to count money in banks. Soon system will replace cashiers in retail outlets.


Now days fast growing messaging apps have also started using Artificial intelligence system that will answer routine questions and proactively look out for information one might otherwise miss easily.


Days are not far when Artificial intelligence layer to your messaging apps will help to understand the people you trust and the topics you tend to care about. This basically becomes a robot which is working behind the scenes on your behalf to find out things you should know about but are missing otherwise.


Thus Artificial Intelligence will compensate for the shortage of human labor or will replace manual work. This has also got some people concerned about impact that it will make on the jobs in future.


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