Building Smart city solutions for better Tomorrow

Urbanization is driving innovation and transformation, resulting in Indian government to focus on smart city solutions to reinvent cities that are smart and responsive to the requirement of its residents. Inspira Smart city solutions for building IT infrastructure of smart cities are contributing to Government of India’s plan for development of country. The government is adopting new technologies that interconnects and leverages the different pillars of society – citizens, business, transportation, healthcare, governance operations and practices.


Indian government is exploring smart city solutions that helps in implementing new technological innovations to enhance the development of infrastructure and other public administration services. The power of the Internet and new communication tools are been utilized to meet the objective.

smart city solutions


The motivation behind the development of smart cities is use of green products and services that reduces energy consumption, energy efficient technologies and executing intelligent systems in healthcare and infrastructure domains.


The adoption of smart city solutions that builds smart technologies will transform cities. New opportunities will be created which will focus on overcoming limitations and enhancing capabilities thus ensuring an effective and efficiently managed ecosystem. Along with the initiatives taken by Government of India on smart city solutions, private entities are also playing a crucial role in introducing and implementing technologies that guarantee better public services to the residents of India. Private Giants are taking steps to facilitate the use of technology in areas like traffic management, efficient energy use, transportation healthcare and environment etc. Big data Analytics will be used to analyze the data that is gathered real-time.


The important factor in building smart city solutions for a smart city is the amalgamation of information and communication technology (ICT) to enhance the livability, workability and sustainability of the city. The smart city solutions like Internet of things (IoT) will facilitate the connectivity across smart devices. It will link the different elements of a smart city solutions together. Innovation and technology will bring its inhabitants together, improve their quality of life in both tangible and intangible ways. Smart Cities will provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of Smart Solutions.


Inspira Enterprise – Leading IT Solutions Provider in India, offers comprehensive range of smart city solutions – from e-governance to building efficient systems and smart healthcare.


Smart City Solutions – IT Infrastructure.


Data Collection Layer across the City using Sensors and IoT Devices

Our Offerings:  Outdoor Cameras, Video Walls and Displays, Emergency Boxes and Hand Held Devices



Network Infrastructure to take the feeds to the centralized location

Our Offerings: Network Passive Components in Copper and Fiber, Switching and Routing Components, Industrial Grade  Switches,  Wi FI Solutions, RF Connectivity,  Video Conferencing, IP Telephony and AV Solutions



Centralized date center for data processing and storage

Our Offerings:  Servers, SAN Solutions, OS & RDBMS Licenses and Services,  Data Center Networking & Routing,  Power Solutions,  Load Balancing and Application Delivery, DR as Cloud Service, Private Cloud, Disaster Recovery and BCP Solutions, Virtualization, Backup Solutions



Our Offerings: E-Municipality, E-Health, DMS and Workflow Solutions, GPS Based Fleet Management



Our Offerings:  Enterprise Management System (EMS), Command Control and Communications Software (CCC), Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Video Management Software (VMS)



To ensure the security and integrity of the data

Our Offerings:  Next Generation Firewall, IPS, Web Application Firewalls, DDoS, Anti-APT Solutions, SIEM Solutions, Data Encryption Solutions like Hardware Security Module etc..  Security Cloud Services.



Our Offerings: Data Analytics, Visual Analytics, Video Analytics, GIS etc.


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