Credit Unions Towards Proactive Threat Hunting

Since online financial transactions increased, it elevated the risk of cyber attacks on the global financial system. Credit unions are prone to direct attacks and incur incredible costs to revive sensitive data. Its time credit unions define their security operation processes to identify potential risks. Once the vulnerabilities are detected, fixes or patches can be applied to mitigate and solve security concerns. As the cybersecurity landscape undergoes unpredictable changes, it's important that credit unions are prepared for anticipated threats. Act proactively and protect your credit union from the ever-changing cybersecurity universe.

Capture the relevant credit union trends while growing your expertise at the 2022 CUNA Technology Council Conference, September 21-24 in Las Vegas. This conference is extremely beneficial for any operations-related credit union role, including branch managers, senior managers and above, that are interested in connecting with credit union peers and industry professionals.

Achieving excellence in digital transformation and cyber security domain, Inspira Enterprise is a dedicated event sponsor at CUNA 2022 and super excited about launching a unified Threat & Vulnerability Management (TVM) SaaS Platform, powered by iSMART2. The USP of the TVM security solution lies in Threat Vulnerability and Application Security coming together in a single box. The solution supports auto remediation, tracking and validation of vulnerabilities in real time.

Being a unified cyber security solution in a box, the iSMART2 solution brings a list of benefits:
* Prioritized view of enterprise risk and vulnerability exposure
* Industry-leading, field-refined tools, methodologies, processes and frameworks
* Strong alliances with best breed of security vendors
* Automated processes reducing manual workloads
* Overall integrated cyber threat management

Register for CUNA Technology Conference, a proactive technology summit to hear from multiple organizations presenting their products for not more than five minutes. Later, the attendees can also ask questions to the presenters, make connections and drive their credit union forward.

Top Reasons to Attend CUNA Technology Council Conference:
* Connect with credit union professionals facing similar challenges
* Learn best practices and get guidance from industry experts
* Meet and connect with trusted or peer-recommended solutions providers

Event Details:
2022 CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council and CUNA Technology Council Conference, September 21-24 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, See us at booth #207.
CUNA strives to create a safe environment for one and all attending the conference. Hence, recommendations from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have been considered in tandem with any applicable local and state guidelines.