Quantum Computing Progress 2022 – Is it becoming a priority for enterprise digital transformation?

Quantum computing is gradually getting noticed by businesses globally. Reportedly, adoption of quantum computing is gaining its pace amongst enterprise leaders to tackle complex issues in the business. So, what exactly is quantum computing and what potential does it hold? Literally, the word ‘quantum’ is a minute unit in physics that applies to computing and upgrades traditional programming methods.

A quantum computer forms the source to initiate the computing work and is capable of handling the work load better than classical computer systems. Industries such as aviation, transportation, supply chain, logistics etc. benefit from quantum computing technology as it helps in managing complex systems related to flow of traffic, airplane consignments, package deliveries and similar functions.

Here are some real-life applications where quantum computing is being applied practically:
* Helping financial companies in analysing data, determining fraud and rectify their investment plans
* Enhancing the security status in cryptography with a creation of stronger security codes
* Working on technical enhancements to produce quality batteries for electric cars
* Supporting sales persons to simplify their field work strategies so that more locations are covered in less time with cost savings

Connecting Quantum Computing to Machine Learning (QML)
Quantum computers can create a bigger impact in synergy with machine learning. Not only a performance booster, this combination is highly powerful in discovery fields, analytics, fraud detection, management, operations and security. Overall, integration of machine learning with quantum computing will overtime improve and transform the technological capabilities, resulting in a super digital transformation of enterprise solutions.

Concludingly, quantum physics empowering quantum computing is going to be a beneficial digital solution as artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, many enterprises are in their initial stages to offload traditional computers and process quantum computers to start solving real-life problems at a faster pace and create last mile solutions.