Case Study : Data protection and Encryption solutions


Institutional & Business Excellence

Technology/Service Excellence


Yes Bank was looking out for centralized Data Encryption solution for a particular Grade of Employees across its 227 office locations in India. The requirements included following features in a mix and match scenario:


Inspira partnered with Sophos to provide Data protection and Encryption solutions to Yes Bank and alleviate Data Protection woes.

Inspira involved its highly-experienced In-house Security Consultants to comprehensively deploy the solution for the Yes Bank and achieve adherence to BFSI data protection standards such as PCI-DSSS.

Solution Features

  • SafeGuard Management Center
  • Central management of SGN modules
  • Hierarchical security policies
  • Centralized key management & recovery
  • Synchronization with active directory
  • Reporting & audit logs
  • Role based administration

Device Encryption

  • Volume based encryption
  • Full initial – most secure, but slow
  • Fast initial – faster for new computers
  • Sophos own encryption technology
  • Managed & unmanaged clients

Native Device Encryption

  • Native technologies faster & more reliable
  • Microsoft Bitlocker
  • Apple FileVault 2
  • Hardware encryption for Opal

Data Exchange

  • Encrypts removable devices & media
  • User transparent
  • Can use SGN Keys or local keys
  • Sgare data inside and outside organization
  • Plaintext folder
  • Cross Platform
  • Whitelisting

Encryption for file shares

  • Encrypts data on network file shares
  • User transparent
  • Uses SGN Key – ring files
  • Selective encryption of folders
  • Protection against administrators
  • Cross Platform


Post deployment of Sophos Data Encryption solution, the data compromise incidents decreased by almost 80 to 90%, thereby achieving higher results for compliance and minimizing data loss risks to internal users, external users and administrators with privileged access.