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India’s banking sector is adequately capitalized and well-regulated. The financial and economic conditions in the country are far superior to any other country in the world. The Government and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have taken various measures to facilitate easy access to finance for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

The Indian economy is on the brink of a major transformation, with several policy initiatives set to be implemented shortly. Positive business sentiments, improved consumer confidence and more controlled inflation are likely to prop-up the country’s the economic growth. Enhanced spending on infrastructure, speedy implementation of projects and continuation of reforms are expected to provide further impetus to growth. All these factors suggest that India’s banking sector is also poised for robust growth as the rapidly growing business would turn to banks for their credit needs as per report by Indian Brand Equity Foundation.

Costumer Demographics, RBI Regulation, Social Media, Big Data are redefining financial products and services industry. Customers want 24x7 multi-channel accesses, personalized services, customized services and the assurance of security and data privacy. To successfully manage this changing industry, market trends and to meet customer needs, Banks need to recognize that technology is the key to addressing both challenges and opportunities in the industry.

Imperative that the banking industry is currently experiencing :
  • Rapidly changing economic condition
  • Competitive landscape
  • Increasing regulatory governance
  • Increasing customer expectations
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Investor’s expectations on returns
  • Revenue growth
  • Risk management
  • Core business applications
  • Payment process & transparency

Information technology is one of the most important facilitators for the transformation of the Indian banking industry in terms of its transactions processing as well as for various other internal systems and processes. The various technological platforms used by banks for the conduct of their day to day operations, their manner of reporting and the way in which interbank transactions and clearing is affected has evolved substantially over the years.

The advancements in technology have brought the mobile and internet banking services to the fore. The banking sector is laying greater emphasis on providing improved services to their clients and also upgrading their technology infrastructure, in order to enhance the customer’s overall experience as well as give banks a competitive edge.

Banks are therefore re-orienting their people, process and technology to meet these expectations. Banks have adopted technology on large scale like Computerization, Core Banking Solutions (CBS), Satellite Banking, Development of Distribution Channels, Automatic Teller Machines, Biometrics, Multilingual and Multifunctional ATMs, ATM Network Switches, Internet Banking, Phone Banking and Mobile Banking, Electronic Funds Transfer Systems (RTGS & NEFT) etc.

Why Inspira ?

  • BFSI is one of the key industry domains serviced by Inspira

  • Understands the challenges faced by banks, capital markets, insurance, financial institutions etc.

  • Financial IT domain experts with the right expertise to leverage technology

  • Provides innovative & measurable solutions.

  • Facilitates financial services companies in achieving their objectives, resolving their issues and psychologically capturing customers.

  • Provides the winning edge to financial services clients by deploying transformational innovations and robust solutions to extract fuller value from the IT spend.

  • With our expertise in technology, understanding of banking and financial services industry's competitiveness and complexities, we leverage our presence in the industry to bring you appropriate IT solutions that cater to your needs.

  • Optimizes your IT, rationalize technology, modify systems, and automate processes.

  • Helps you reduce costs through IT architecture simplification and IT Portfolio optimization.

All financial institutions are seeking new ways to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue and shareholder returns. Our range of services will help you assess, implement, monitor, maintain and optimize your IT environment.

Our capabilities will help you manage costs, optimize resources and maximize productivity.

Key Offerings

  • Network Transformation

  • Wireless & BYOD

  • Data Centers

  • Campus LAN & WAN

  • Surveillance

  • Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Security

  • Managed Security Services

  • Unified Communications & Collaboration

  • Virtualization – Server, Storage & Network Functions

  • Healthcare Solutions

  • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • Software Defined Networking

  • Internet of Things

  • Contact Centre Solutions

  • Big Data

The partnership with OEM’s, In-house software development team and professional services team makes Inspira a preferred partner.

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State Bank of India –
Two Factor Authentication for Core Banking System

Integration with TCS BANCS core banking software
Phase 1&2: 70,000 Single finger print devices deployed

ICICI Bank –
Core Banking Infrastructure & Branch Rollout

Delivering end to end networking gear to ICICI for data center solutions and branch locations

Dhanlaxmi Bank –
Complex Core Banking Deployment

Core SR and MSR Series Routers to host all transactions for DLB across India

Union Bank of India –
Kiosk & Internet Banking

Vijaya Bank –

Branch Infrastructure & Rollout

Supply and installation of computer systems, peripherals, software.

Server and Storage

NPCI – Core Juniper Switch for CTS Project & Core Banking Carrier Grade Network

Delivering end to end networking gear to NPCI data center solutions and branch locations

Dhanlaxmi Bank -
Complex Core Banking Deployment

Yes Bank -
Data protection and Encryption solutions

OEM Partners