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Enterprise IT is at his critical crossroad, where agility and Innovation is the way forward and expected from any business partner. Data security risks, user privacy concerns, big data, unique customer needs, requirement of constant improvement in end customer experience are fueling the velocity of technology changes. Technology is playing a major role in bridging the gap between the real and transforming world. But the agility of the infrastructure to efficiently deliver IT services to end users will be paramount.
Technology is playing a major role in the business than earlier, business technology is undergoing a major shift. Information technology has very real impact in most of industries and in all aspects of economy. While businesses and enterprises continue to undergo considerable changes, usage of these technologies is revolutionizing the rules of business, resulting in structural transformation of enterprises. To maintain a competitive advantage in an increasingly globalized business environment, enterprises need to capitalize on new business opportunities. At the same time, they must maintain high standards of quality, security and IT efficiency. CTOs will spearhead technological innovations and business practices not just in IT. The current CIOs and IT heads have the opportunity to lead this transformation.

Issues & Challenges faced by SMEs

Although the number of SMEs seems to be growing, there is still need to aware SMEs about the available technology that can be used for the business and for the proper utilization, some of the challenges faced by SMEs are :
• Lack of Awareness: Most of the SMEs are not aware of the available technologies that can be implemented for the better decision making, increasing productivity etc.
• Lack of IT Support: IT personnel are in high demand and are often attracted to bigger companies and MNCs. It is very difficult for SMEs to attract good IT personnel. It is even more difficult to retain them. Moreover, good IT personnel are expensive and may not be affordable by most SMEs.
• Lack of IT Literacy: Employees in SMEs started from the ground up after working with the company for many years. Some of them are often holding supervisory and managerial positions. These employees may not be IT literate and often have high resistance to the changes in the working process that they are comfortable with after many years.
• Uneven IT Awareness and Management Skills: As a company grows, new managers are often introduced into the company. There will also be old managers who are promoted from the rank and file. Some of these managers may not been trained in the leadership and management skill. These uneven skill among the managers often caused conflicts during the implementation.
• Lack of Experience in Using Consultants: A good consultant often saves time and effort, and help to prevent pitfalls during the IT projects. However, most SMEs are devoid of experience in working with consultants. The lack of knowledge in the field of IT makes it difficult for them to identify good consultant for the projects. They often feel that the consultant cost is too high and they can handle it with their own staff. If the company has no staffs that possess experience and knowledge in the IT project, avoiding external help often costs more to the company eventually.

Business Imperatives experienced currently :

• Information Security and Privacy

• Growing Need for Agility

• Aging Infrastructure

• Skill Gap

• Real Time Analytics

• Adoption of Higher Standards

• Internet of Things

• Mobility

• People Centric IT

• Application Centric Infrastructure

• Distributed Work Force

• Energy Management

• Compliance and Regulations

• Customer Relationship Management

• Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

• Budget and Cost Control

Why Inspira ?

  • Domain expertise with the right proficiency to leverage technology in providing innovative and scalable solutions.

  • By focusing on IT requirements and enabling dynamic operations, Inspira helps Small, Medium and large businesses evolve into dynamic enterprises.

  • Inspira collaborate with SMEs and large enterprises, to achieve their business objectives such as cost reduction, improvement of operational efficiency across the value chain.

  • Helps enterprise customers to deliver more business value than ever.

  • Innovative IT solution help customers to transform their IT infrastructure.

  • Expertise in technology and understanding of evolving challenges of this vertical

  • Inspira leverages our presence and technology alliances to provide agile and scalable solutions that cater to the changing needs.

  • Stronghold on emerging technologies and wide industry knowledge helps you to transform existing technology, simplify IT architecture and optimize IT portfolio & infrastructure.

Key Offerings

  • Network Transformation

  • Wireless & BYOD

  • Data Centers

  • Campus LAN & WAN

  • Surveillance

  • Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Security

  • Managed Security Services

  • Unified Communications & Collaboration

  • Virtualization – Server, Storage & Network Functions

  • Healthcare Solutions

  • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • Software Defined Networking

  • Internet of Things

  • Contact Centre Solutions

  • Big Data

The partnership with OEM’s, In-house software development team and professional services team makes Inspira a preferred partner.

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  • • Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Juniper LAN Switches to ATOS for their Primetal Technologies Project at Navi Mumbai and Salt lake City - 1440 Nodes
  • • Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Juniper LAN Switches to ATOS for their CVC Project at Gurgaon - 144 Nodes
  • • Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Juniper campus LAN solutions to ATOS for their new state of art campus at Pune - 1536 Nodes.
  • • Supply & Installation of Projector & Motorized screens for XBSIT Bangalore
  • • Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Juniper switches for 4 locations revamp - Chennai, Gurgaon, Mumbai & Vadodara sites - 1584 Ports
  • • Supply of Blue Coat Proxy solution to XBX IT division of Atos - Chennai & Bangalore location

Tech Mahindra

Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Juniper Campus LAN solution for Tech Mahindra Bangalore Campus with QFX Series of switches - 3432 Nodes


Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Juniper Campus LAN to TCS TRIL Chennai Project - Phase 3 - 1824 Nodes

Datacipher Solutions Pvt Ltd

Supply of SRX Firewall

Atria Convergence Technologies

Supply ,installation and maintenance of Arbor DDOS Solutions to ACT Hyderabad.

Sify Technologies Ltd

Supply of QFX Series of Juniper Switches and Fortigate UTM for NLC's state of art VC rollout, partnered through Sify

Xome Services India Pvt Ltd.

Campus LAN expansion of 288 Nodes Juniper solution for Xome Services Chennai campus.

OEM Partners