Healthcare industry is experiencing a steady transformation world over with IT playing a critical role in every aspect of healthcare value chain, ensuring faster adaptability of advanced technologies, Reduction of service costs and Provision of quality healthcare at affordable prices.

IT is increasingly penetrating the healthcare service delivery, driven by the need to reduce costs, efficiency imperatives, interoperability of existing fragmented hospital systems and increased health awareness among citizens.

Today, Information Technology is considered not just a supporting tool but a strategic necessity by world class healthcare hospitals/institutes. As competition increases, the use of more sophisticated information technology tools and techniques is imperative in order for organizations to obtain a competitive advantage.

Inspira Enterprise a leading IT solutions provider partnered with Manorama Infosolutions, which is serving the global Healthcare Industry as a “Turnkey IT Solution Provider”, Manorama’ s expertise in “HEALTHCARE DOMAIN” spans more than a decade and is well reflected in its product portfolio. It has an ERP, Lifeline Suite, for multi- specialty hospitals, with more than 45+ modules taking care of all aspects required for successful running and management of such enterprises.

The product line caters to the specific needs of various specializations such as Cardiac, Oncology, Gynaecology, Orthopaedic, Neurology, Urology, Ayurveda and Telemedicine applications. Manorama Infosolutions also has other products: Lifeline E-Clinic, Lifeline E- Diagnostics, Lifeline DMS (Documents Management System), Lifeline Dev (Bio Medical device integration) and Lifeline M-Health.

All product lines are compliant with the ICD 10 CS, CPT, CPOE, HL 7 Ver. 3.0, E and M Coding. For GCC countries, we are certified by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD).

Manorama Infosolutions has a current customer base of about 150+ customers across PAN India (Maharashtra /Delhi / Punjab / Noida / TN / Karnataka), with 15+ hospitals having more than 300+ concurrent users, operating the ERP. In the International scenario, Manorama has implemented 12+ live sites in the UAE and in the field of Telemedicine, Manorama is partnered with a South African Company for their Government projects. Recently, we have a chain of Diagnostic centers in Nigeria as our Client. Thus, Manorama is equally poised for a big leap to serve UK and the US markets.

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Why Inspira ?

  • Domain expertise with the right proficiency to leverage technology in providing innovative and scalable solutions.

  • Inspira collaborate with Healthcare organizations, to achieve their business objectives such as cost reduction, improvement of operational efficiency across the value chain.

  • Expertise in technology and understanding of evolving challenges of this vertical

  • Inspira leverages our presence and technology alliances to provide agile and scalable solutions that cater to the changing needs.

  • Innovative IT solution help customers to transform their IT infrastructure.

  • Expertise in technology and understanding of evolving challenges of this vertical

  • Inspira leverages our presence and technology alliances to provide agile and scalable solutions that cater to the changing needs.

  • Stronghold on emerging technologies and wide industry knowledge helps you to transform existing technology, simplify IT architecture and optimize IT portfolio & infrastructure.

Key Offerings


Lifeline Suite

Hospital Management Solution

Manorama Infosolution’s healthcare product Lifeline Suite is a comprehensive and integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for hospital management solution. This healthcare product has been designed keeping in mind all facets of the healthcare spectrum, from primary care to super specialty services. Clinical and Financial information is fully integrated to enable healthcare organization to operate efficiently. Know more >

Lifeline e-Clinic

Hospital Management System

Manorama Infosolution’s Lifeline e-Clinic is a robust hospital management system (on the web), with an integrated e-claim system. This can be combined with a backend of more than 40+ modules taking care of all aspects required for successful running and management of multi-specialty hospitals. A healthcare enterprise solution centrally manages a chain of clinics. Know more >

Lifeline e-Diagnostic

Diagnostic Management System

Manorama Infosolution’s diagnostic management system Lifeline e-Diagnostic, plays a critical role in the healthcare industry. Lifeline e-Diagnostic is a web-based diagnostic management system with integration to one or more hospitals, with Radiology / laboratory reporting and sample collection management too. It is a healthcare enterprise solution that centrally manages a chain of diagnostic & collection centers. Know more >

Lifeline m-Health

Healthcare Mobile Solution

This is Manorama Infosolutions' most innovative and advanced healthcare solution for doctors to access data anytime, anywhere on the move from their mobile phone. Right from view and canceling patient’s appointments to clinic administration, doctor can manage entire operation with help of Lifeline m-Health. This mobile solution is a boon for doctors constantly switching clinics and hospitals. Know more >

Lifeline Telemedicine

Healthcare Telemedicine Solution

Manorama Infosolutions' Healthcare Telemedicine Solution, Lifeline Telemedicine, is a blessing in disguise for remote patient treatment. Lifeline Telemedicine works where it is difficult for patient to travel all the way to the clinics. It generates web EMR (Electronic Medical Record) with live video conferencing and seamlessly integrates with various medical devices. Know more >

Lifeline EMR | EHR

Healthcare Application for Clinicians

Lifeline EMR | EHR is a healthcare application especially designed for clinicians. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) which is a secure, real-time, point-of-care, patient-centric healthcare application that provides instant access to patient records. Specializations such as Cardiology, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Oncology, Neurology, Urology, Ophthalmology and Ayurveda are provided as required. Know more >

Lifeline Patient Portal

Healthcare Portal for Patients

With Lifeline Patient Portal a registered patient can check & track their own EMR, containing medical history, doctor diagnosis and notes. Apart from this, hospitals, healthcare specialist network and treatment packages for a specific geography available online. Patient can check their laboratory reports as well. Entire healthcare tips and tools and doctor case studies are available online. Know more >

Lifeline DMS

Healthcare Document Management System

Manorama Infosolutions Lifeline DMS is a healthcare document management system which has been created with an objective of paper-less office. With the help of Lifeline DMS you can now add, update, delete, department wise segregate and access documents from anywhere. It also has built-in real-time back up facility. Know more >

Non-Clinical Healthcare Support Solutions

Back Office Management | Supply Chain | Resource Management | Allied Medical Services
Device Interface | Can be Integrated with Third Party Application | Central Store

Other Offerings

  • Network Transformation

  • Wireless & BYOD

  • Data Centers

  • Campus LAN & WAN

  • Surveillance

  • Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Security

  • Managed Security Services

  • Unified Communications & Collaboration

  • Virtualization – Server, Storage & Network Functions

  • Healthcare Solutions

  • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • Software Defined Networking

  • Internet of Things

  • Contact Centre Solutions

  • Big Data

The partnership with OEM’s, In-house software development team and professional services team makes Inspira a preferred partner.

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Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi:

  • End to end healthcare-IT solutions for Emergency Block & Super specialty Block both are G+7 Floors (Total 11 floors with 3 floor basements).
  • Green field project where Inspira delivers IT hardware infrastructure, Networking (active, passive) along with enterprise grade, customized HMIS (Hospital Management Information Solution), PACS (A picture archiving and communication system), QMS (Queue Management System) and managed services to bring operational excellence and enhanced clinical outcomes.

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Hospital (PGI), Sangrur, Punjab:

  • Inspira offers IT backbone to streamline and automate OPD (Out Patient Department of PGI) at Sangrur.
  • Includes server, storage, networking, end-user compute and also comprehensive out-patient department application which integrates various non-clinical and clinical processes.

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