Good governance is essential for managing cybersecurity issues

To keep customers safe: The WFH has increased the threat vector for the hackers and made it a bit easier for them to penetrate into an organisation’s network as we are aware that the employees are one of the weak links in the chain.

The key mitigation strategy is not technology alone. With whatever technology investment an organisation plans and invests in, it will not be successful until the organisation has a strong foundation of cybersecurity aware employees.

On educating customers: Building resilience and mitigating risk are critical in the current climate. Considering the future of work involves making informed decisions about safety, legal liabilities, and potential threats to both capital and employees.

Some practices that we have been focusing on, not just for our clients, but even internally are:

The upcoming threat: Deep-fake technology can create such realistic-looking content that represents an unprecedented development in the ecosystem of disinformation. The content produced by deep fakes seems so real that the viewers are induced to trust it and share it on social networks thus hastening the spread of disinformation. This can tarnish a company’s reputation.

Deepfakes will provide an unprecedented means of impersonating individuals, contributing to fraud that will target individuals in traditionally ‘secure’ contexts, such as phone calls and video conferences. This could see the creation of highly realistic synthetic voice audio of a CEO requesting the transfer of certain assets, or the synthetic impersonation of a client over Skype, asking for sensitive details on a project.

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