India’s first Public Sector Unit (PSU), established as a department factory renders its secure communication service to India’s Defence Forces. The crux of its services is the data center that hosts all its communication data. When they approached Inspira wanting to transform their data center, it was essential to modify the entire underlying Network, Compute & the Storage facility consisting of multiple hypervisors, by creating a Cloud burst that co-exists with Public Clouds like AWS, Azure that supports 3rd Party Cloud Management Platform with 100% software-defined datacenter.


Inspira assembled the underlying Network switching along with firewalls, DDoS, WAF and Load Balancer and built a private cloud for a robust Data Center.  The new Data Center was completely integrated with renowned virtualization hypervisors as the underlay and with backup and EMS tool. Latest solutions on compute & storage were deployed.


Established itself as the number one local CSP by providing public cloud like functionality on premises catering to Govt./PSU customers in India and build customer services ready DC with flexibility & agility. Simplified IT management & monitoring with help of new edge technologies