The department faced challenges in digitizing it’s operations, due to issues faced in deploying hospital management and information systems (HMIS) application in several medical colleges across the state. To solve this, their distributed network infrastructure needed to be replaced by a centralized LAN infrastructure, with added security and universal access to HMIS application.


Inspira was able to efficiently deploy a centralized LAN infrastructure, secured by next-gen firewalls that ensured security and encryption of government data. The network uptime proposed was 99%. The entire rollout was planned and deployed in a record time of 4 months, and was strategically executed through multiple service providers, to ensure continuous uptime in case any link went down.


The department enjoys an improved operation efficiency with a unified network, which helps in centralized management of IT administration. The added security layers provided advanced protection to government data against sophisticated cyber threats. Seamless and universal access to HMIS application provided real time insights for better management and planning of business operations. Operations costs were cut down with better customer support services and ensured quick resolution of customer issues.