A small city on the banks of river Dudhimati, in state of Gujarat faced issues like safety and security of citizens, traffic management, management of utilities & quantification of services, asset management, disaster management & emergency response.


Inspira implemented Centralized Integrated Command and Control Centre for emergency, data centre and disaster Recovery for decision making and emergency response.  It includes latest technology components – load balancer, DDOS, WAF, edge level switches, network access control, EMR & Telemedicine, DLP, HIPS, AV, EMS, SIEM, IDAM, Backup Software, FW, IPS, APT, hardware security module and data security manager. Also implemented smart pole, environmental sensor, variable message sign board and ATCS to resolve traffic management issue.


There was improvement in visualization and decision making, efficient traffic management, better management of utilities, improved public service delivery and smart governance.