India’s second largest airport had Multi-vender environment and different solution for multiple network segments and complex networks. There was closed Infrastructure and IT team was always busy in network issues, poor visibility inside. There was slow network due to poor response of Data, Wireless, PA, ACS, EMS, Utilities, Airport Airline Systems, AIMS and CUTE Systems and other ICT systems. Cloud Delivery, Security and interoperability challenge.


Inspira offered Multi-Tier Network for MNI & BO on 10G/40G/100G backbone with link redundancy. Multi-Tenancy & Carrier class Resiliency and Services enablement, MPLS VPNs like L3VPN, EVPN for providing Layer 2 & Layer 3 services and NG-MVPN technologies. Products nclde MX960, MX480, QFX5100, EX4300, EX3400 series router/switches, Junos Space NMS and Aruba Clear Pass for AAA and Dell R440 Servers.


The client enjoyed Scalable, Centralized, Advance Support & Management which ensured network is simple, secure, scalable, open, running at high speed and centrally managed to meet SLAs and service continuity. Non-Negotiable, Multi-Tenancy, Scale for Next 10 Years. Multi Cloud Supported Network to Build CDC Project And Run CDC Apps.