Indian public sector multinational crude oil and gas company has 38 Sites in India. They need Multiparty Conferencing Unit at DC and DR.


Inspira was awarded the PO of Augmentation of Video Conferencing Infra at Delhi and Mumbai along with VC Endpoints across all locations on turnkey basis. Providing Poly Stack for MCU, Call Controller, Firewall Traversal Solution, VC Endpoints. Harman Recording & Streaming Servers


The client have gained state of art Video Conferencing System with robust error handling mechanism and using available bandwidth efficiently. The project achieved reliable, robust, seamless state of art Video Conferencing System between Assets/ Basin headquarters (i.e. work centers) and Remote field stations at onshore/ offshore locations. The client is using the Streaming/Webcasting (Multicast & Unicast) to 2500+ users and will be achieve to 5000+ users.