The government-based tax entity had a requirement of strong & secure IT Infrastructure to handle nationwide data for taxes.


Inspira used its expertise and security competency, deployed a security solution in integration with traditional security protections (DDoS, firewall, intrusion prevention system, etc.) to provide a complete security solution for the applications. Reverse proxy mode protects web applications as it will front face various attacks from internet and will connect the web servers securely. CAS (content analysis system) appliance integrated with reverse proxy for AV is gateway level anti-virus for scanning file uploads by users. SSL – visibility appliance, for decryption of package and processing decrypted traffic opens the encrypted packet, sends decrypted packet to IPS for known malware scanning and sends a copy of decrypted packet to security analytics for forensics and altering. Security analytics for the security & forensics analysis for all incoming and outgoing traffic. Optimization to accelerate traffic over WAN, MPLS links by providing network optimization, byte & object caching, protocol optimization and compression.


The client is in full control of the incoming traffic and can take appropriate action for vulnerable files. The security analytics serves as a forensics tool to give security incidents in real time and provide detailed analysis on historical security-based events.