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data management and analytics solution

Key notes

Analytics solution to Commercial Tax Agency

Client Overview

A commercial tax investigation agency in Tamil Nadu had an official key agenda of identifying and reducing the fraudulent activities and irregularities in the tax investigations.

The Challenge

Due to the cyber swindles, millions are lost every year during the taxation practices. Lack of security solutions lead to potential fraud and improper payment. Hence, the client was seeking a secured technology solution for automatic identification of unusual activities during tax filing.

The solution to curb taxation frauds resulted in the installation of data management and analytics investigator. On implementing SAS Data Management, SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Investigator and PostgreSQL Database, the client could:

  • Integrate data from external sources and map with the departments to identify frauds.
  • Automatically identify deviations in filing categories.
  • Shield the taxation platform with process automation, analytics and enhanced visualization

Key Benefits

As the fraud identification process was automated, the tax filing agency saved a considerable amount of time to identify tax evaders, predict suspicious activity, highlight irregularities, and reduce manpower cost to manually review frauds.

The Result

This was precisely the case of fraud management. INSPIRA’s data management and analytics solution resisted fraudsters to barge into the tax investigator’s system and thus protected sensitive tax data and automatically intimated about suspicious activities.

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