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Intelligence-driven Cyber Defense

Operational Technology (OT) Security

The primary goal of a Cyber Fusion Center is to predict, detect, prevent and respond to cyber threats in a proactive and coordinated manner, using an intelligence-driven analysis and tailored incident response process.

Visibility Beyond Business Continuity

Operational Technology (OT) Security for Manufacturing that lets you focus on production and efficiency

As industries leverage data-driven approaches to maximize productivity, Operational Technology (OT) Security is at the forefront to protect critical infrastructure, networks, and applications. The Manufacturing sector that relies on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) environments are particularly  attractive targets for cyber-attacks owing to its large-scale impact and catastrophic consequences. IoT devices, sensors, emerging technology, and new production techniques make for a sophisticated threat landscape. OT Security needs to encompass proactive threat intelligence with complete visibility on all industrial assets to ensure operational continuity and compliance.

Security Implications of OT / IT Convergence

As the two worlds get even more intertwined into everyday operations, safety, productivity, operational efficiency, and growth are compromised if cybersecurity is not robust across both the IT and OT environments.

High Risk of Physical Damage

Cyber-attacks can have a devastating impact on personnel safety

Loss by Service Disruptions

Vulnerable critical infrastructure impacts the entire supply chain

Poor Asset Visibility

Lack of clarity into security  issues and infrastructure affects decision making

Data Protection & Compliance Risk

With more attacks, regulatory bodies are constantly reviewing  mandates

Siloed Security

Increased attack area surface through multiple OT/IoT deployments, systems, and devices

The Inspira Advantage

Single Pane of Glass – 360 Degree OT security solution provider

IEC62443, NIST, CEA based assessments

Highly skilled OT Security certified workforce; Shared service & Nearshore delivery from CDCs

Integrated industry tailored offerings through contextualized solution build based on business needs

Strategic partnerships for Gartner’s magic quadrant OEMs.

OT Security - The Inspira Way

Single Dashboard for Better Asset Visibility

Visibility into all the assets with continuous monitoring for multiple OT systems

OT Managed Services

24 x 7 x 365 monitoring of alerts, enhanced incident response & remediation capabilities to move towards active defense.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Assessments for applicable regulatory and compliance requirements (IEC62443, NIST, CEA etc.)

OT Transformation Security

Strategy, Consulting and Advisory for both brownfield and greenfield projects

Bridging the Gaps in OT Network Behavior Mapping

Visibility into all the protocols, access ports, links, and variable on OT network

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