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Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

Today’s interconnected digital ecosystem creates an expanded surface area for intrusion. Identity and Access Management (IAM) sets the tone to define, manage roles and access privileges to a variety of cloud and on-premise applications.

Simplifying Seamless and Secure Access Control

Today’s interconnected digital ecosystem creates an expanded surface area for intrusion. Identity and Access Management (IAM) sets the tone to define, manage roles and access privileges to a variety of cloud and on-premise applications. The objective being to ensure that the right users and devices can access the right resources for the right reasons at the right time, including onboarding users and systems, permission authorizations, and then offboarding them timely.

What Inspira Provides

Identity Governance

• Account Lifecycle
• Provisioning / De-provisioning
• Certification / Attestation
• Access Requests
• Password Management
• Separation of Duties
• Auditing
• Analytics & Reporting

Access Management

• Authentication
• Authorization
• Single Sign-On
• Multi-Factor Authentication
• Adaptive Access
• Policy Enforcement
• Auditing
• Universal Directory

Privileged Access Management

• Password Vaulting
• Session Management
• Break Glass
• App-To-App PWD  Management
• Super User Management
• Command Execution
• Auditing
• End Point Privilege Management

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

• Multi-cloud Access Control
• Identity and Entitlement
• Entitlement Audit
• Access Certification
• Access Request

What Services We Offer?

With our experienced IAM experts, we use extensive domain knowledge and our IAM framework to deliver following services.


1) Inspira provides a set of advisory services designed to deliver a pragmatic roadmap for managing the identity lifecycle based on real-world business requirements and internal dynamics – whether for employees, customers or IT administrators.

2) Our approach is to apply identity management principles and policy building blocks, especially roles and entitlements, to an organization’s specific set of use cases – while integrating the perspective and concerns of IT and application owners in our need’s assessment and roadmap.


1) Inspira provides techniques and solutions to manage digital IDs and their access capabilities across business applications of an organization.

2) We help the organizations’ information security leadership understand who has access to what and who can do what using IT systems that control increasingly more aspects of business every day.


1) We offer our customers IAM as a Managed Service, based on market-leader products without regional borders.

2) Our customers no longer have to deal with the question of hosting but can concentrate entirely on their core business anywhere in the world.

3) Our IAM Managed Service offering provides specialised maintenance and extended levels of support, while enabling users access to their data and applications allowing for a more productive IAM Infrastructure.

Identity & Access Management - Practice Overview

Web Access & SSO Management

Digital Identity Management

Advanced Authentication

Privileged Access Management

Cloud IAM

Consumer IAM

ILM Access Governance

Why Need For Identity And Access Management?

Business Evolution

  • Consumer are driving a big changes way most of the organization operates today.
  • B2B, B2E, B2C requires complex integration which rapidly becomes unmanageable.
  • First-time right provisioning, bring your own device/Identity and simplified user experience.

Evolving Landscape

  • Cloud transformation adopt SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or Hybrid models promote desires for who has access and of what level of access.
  • Agile and DevOps methodologies, endpoint accessing information systems.

Regulation & Control

  • Zero trust model adopted for security architecture.
  • Regulation and laws such as GDPR, PCI DSS, SOX, HIPPA, etc.
  • Access Governance, Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) and sensitive data.


  • Reduce user life cycle management cost.
  • License management.
  • Managed identities help in OPEX cost control.

I-AM Digital Platform

An identity orchestration platform, it provides a single window bringing together all IAM technologies deployed in the enterprise under one interface using advanced API and integration methods. This is to simplify tasks for IAM administrators, application owners, operations team and governance teams helping them to achieve their identity charter. Let’s look at the components
of the platform.


• Data validation & transformation
• Supports HTML, DB, XML, CSV
• Data types and special characters
• File or cell level checks
• Scheduler, alerts and notifications


• Application onboarding
• Console-based app onboarding
• Bulk App/entitlement onboarding
• Fetch App data from DB or CSV
• Connector for IAM tools

I-AM-DIGITAL Dashboard

• Singular view of IAM ecosystem
• User & App view of IAM
• Rich Graphical Representation
• Exportable formats – PDF, CSV
• Analytic Views


• Test Automation & Execution
• IAM testing framework
• Library of testing scripts
• Automated execution of ST & IT
• Test Execution Reports


• RPA for UAM Operations
• Web, mainframes & desktop apps
• Integration with ITSM & IAM
• Inbuilt Credential Manager
• Supports Windows & Linux

IAM Case Study

Privileged Access Management (PAM) made possible for a large Indian conglomerate

Enabling IAM for a large healthcare organization in the USA

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