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Microsoft Security Services

Secure at Scale: Microsoft Security Services to streamline security across your enterprise

Get Comprehensive Security For Your Business with Inspira and Microsoft

Microsoft’s cutting-edge products for endpoint security and management, SIEM and XDR, cloud security, identity and access management, and security AI will protect your organization from a broad range of threats.

But which products do you need for your unique security requirements and challenges?

How can you ensure that the tools you implement offer the highest level of security and protection?

And how can you capture the maximum ROI from these investments?

The answer: partner with a security expert that can effectively protect you with Microsoft’s enterprise-grade tools.

As your trusted security partner, Inspira’s security services will help you to:

Upgrade and strengthen your security defenses

Assess and build your security roadmap

Effectively detect and respond to threats

Transform your security posture and protect your business from harm

….with Microsoft’s world-class range of customizable security offerings.

Inspira + Microsoft: Combining Synergies for Uncompromising Enterprise Security

We provide consulting, transformation, and managed services for all these Microsoft products:

By adding Microsoft’s products and Inspira’s services to your cybersecurity program, you can secure your entire business environment today. Equally importantly, you can confidently face your tomorrow – knowing that you can manage your threat landscape and remain productive regardless of the threats lurking in it.

Inspira’s Microsoft-powered Managed Security Services
Our range of cyber-resilient services will help you make the most of Microsoft’s security offerings to effectively protect your apps, identity, data, and devices from many kinds of known and evolving threats.
Microsoft Security Consulting and Advisory
Before implementing any Microsoft security product, you need to first assess your security posture. And create a security roadmap. With our consulting and advisory services, you can complete the assessment and create a roadmap to understand and effectively manage your cyberthreat landscape.
Security Modernization and Transformation
To keep up with sophisticated cyberthreats, you need to move past traditional security products like antivirus software. You need to modernize your security infrastructure with enterprise-grade tools. Inspira’s security modernization and transformation experts will help you to identify and implement the appropriate Microsoft tools to modernize and strengthen your business security.
Security CoE On-demand
Inspira’s highly-skilled security experts bring deep expertise in Microsoft’s security products, enabling you to clarify your requirements and need for service improvements. We will also customize and optimize our service deliverables across your Microsoft product suite to drive greater value for your organization and stakeholders.
Managed Security
Inspira’s managed security services (leveraging ITIL framework) will enable you to secure your data ecosystem with Microsoft Purview and simplify endpoint management with Microsoft Intune. We will also help you strengthen identity and access management with Microsoft’s range of IAM tools. With all these tools and services, we have one overarching aim: to help you shore up your defenses, strengthen your security posture, and ultimately, safeguard your business from harm.
Managed XDR (MXDR)
Harness the power of Microsoft’s XDR tools and get the highest levels of protection with Inspira’s KPI-driven MXDR services. Our MXDR service offerings, delivered 24/7, leverage advanced technologies and human expertise to monitor your attack surface, detect threats, investigate events, and prioritize alerts, so you get the strongest possible security for your entire business and technological environment.
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Why Inspira for Microsoft Security Services

Our security services leverage the combined power of Microsoft’s best-in-class security products and human security experts to enable the highest possible protection for businesses and business assets.

Microsoft’s comprehensive security solutions empower organizations to thrive in an evolving threat landscape. Our specialists know exactly how to make the most of these solutions and technologies to address our clients’ unique security challenges and satisfy their unique security needs.

We follow time-tested processes across our Microsoft services portfolio. Standardized processes and workflows enable us to provide high-quality support and deliver consistent results for every client and engagement.

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