Third Party Risk Management Brochure

Third Party Risk Management Navigating the challenges of your extended enterprise Lack of accurate third-party vendors’ information about online system and processes Frustration with generic approach and growing demand on their time to respond while mitigating key risk areas Speed to risk TP assessment process Cost of onsite assessment and follow-ups Unclear responsibilities within the […]

Identity and Access Management Brochure

Identity and Access Management Simplyfying seamless and secure access control Today’s interconnected digital ecosystem creates an expanded surface area for intrusion. Identity and Access Management (IAM) sets the tone to define, manage roles and access privileges to a variety of cloud and on-premise applications.  The objective being to ensure that the right users and devices […]

Cyber Advisory Brochure

Cyber Advisory & Consulting Services Give your business the edge with a resilient defense Inspira Cyber Consulting & Advisory Services leverages a global team of security and compliance experts to strategize and support the development of business-driven security architecture to minimize security disruptions. We define security risks, develop operating models, governance, and policies to manage […]


CYBER FUSION CENTER Intelligence-driven Cyber Defense The primary goal of a Cyber Fusion Center is to predict, detect, prevent and respond to cyber threats in a proactive and coordinated manner, using an intelligence-driven analysis and tailored incident response process. The Cyber Fusion Center will provide a holistic view of the threat landscape to help remediate […]

As Cyber-attacks Become More Frequent, Businesses Must Become More Resilient

Key notes 5 steps to protect & secure our customers confidential information and sensitive data: As Cyberattacks become more frequent, businesses must become more resilient Currently, cyber-attacks are growing at a faster pace, incurring huge losses to the companies globally. Reportedly, FBI’s 2020 Internet Crime Report confirms that incidences of phishing, malware, extortion, non-payment, no-delivery […]

Helping One of the Largest and Oldest Banks Upgrade Security

Key notes The Objective The Challenge The Inspira Solution Key Benefits The Result Helping one of the largest and oldest banks upgrade security The Objective To strengthen the IT Security infrastructure of a giant commercial bank, in compliance with RBI The Challenge The major challenge was to abide by the RBI rules and create a […]

Cyber Security Trends in 2022 and Beyond…

Key notes Top 5 cyber security trends expected to prevail for the next few years: Cyber Security Trends in 2022 and beyond… As the global pandemic occurred, the world around us changed since 2020. Remote working and increase in online activities created live opportunities for the cybercriminals to be lucrative with their malicious activities, affecting […]

Video Conferencing Solutions in the Edutech Industry

Key notes Advantages of Video Conferencing Solutions in edutech Video Conferencing Solutions in edutech industry The edutech sector in India has entered new era – learning through mobile devices, online videos, online lectures through video conferencing etc. Video conferencing solutions in edutech is playing a key role for collaborative education experience among students in India. […]

Connecting Changemakers to the World Through WiFi

Key notes The Objective The Challenge The Solution Key Benefits The Result Connecting changemakers to the world through WiFi The Objective Strengthening Wi-Fi for a premier institute sciences etc. The Challenge The challenge was all about strengthening the campus wifi connectivity across different types of users such as students, faculties, admins, guests etc. The requirement […]

Know How to Protect your Network with Growing IT Security Threats

Key notes Types of IT Security threats Ways to Protect Your Network Know How to Protect your Network with Growing IT Security Threats In today’s world, IT security threats are considered as an issue and concern for all organizations. Cybercrime is a big business and criminals always look for an opportunity to steal information such […]

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