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Cyber Security Trends

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Cyber Security Trends in 2022 and beyond…

As the global pandemic occurred, the world around us changed since 2020. Remote working and increase in online activities created live opportunities for the cybercriminals to be lucrative with their malicious activities, affecting the systems, network, sensitive data and overall IT infrastructure. Falling prey to online scamming incurs huge cost to the companies in terms of data recovery, network revamp, infrastructure streamlining and improving the overall security to resist sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Not repeating mistakes of the past, let’s take a path forward in 2022 to strengthen the security infrastructure and be prepared for the challenges. Here are the top 5 cyber security trends expected to prevail for the next few years:

  1. Potential in Artificial intelligence (AI): The AI technology processes data faster like no other mechanism. The potential in artificial intelligence is huge when it comes to real time data processing which enables to foresee the online behavioural patterns and indicate cyber threats.

  2. Employee Training in Cyber Security: Businesses are acting responsible to include cyber security training as a part of their corporate strategy. This increases security awareness and further enables employees to recognize common cyber threats.

  3. IOT Devices Prone to Attacks: IOT devices are smart devices that respond to human presence such as sensor lights, smart TV, smart AC etc. Increased usage of these devices at home and work creates path for cyber criminals to conduct ransomware attacks and disrupt the device functioning.

  4. Disruptions in Supply Chain: Proactive cyber security measures are need of the hour to protect and respond to anticipated supply chain attacks today and years ahead. Ensure the supply chain infrastructure used to design, develop, manufacture, and deliver products, components and services are bound by cybersecurity practices.

  5. Increase in Ransomware Threat: This seems like a primary threat for businesses in 2022. Reportedly, multiple attacks could be launched once the IT network, systems and data are compromised. There is also news of devising a subscription model where companies pay to the ransomware teams for not targeting you.

Keeping in pace with the above cybersecurity trends, businesses should take ownership to strengthen cyber threat prevention systems since the start of the year.

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