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Strengthening Critical Infrastructure: Inspira Enterprises Plays a Key Role in Enhancing Cybersecurity for a Leading Natural Gas Refining and Distribution Organization

The Client

Is a prominent natural gas company that owns a large network of natural gas pipelines and is responsible for natural gas refining, transmission, and distribution. 

Background and Key Challenges/Requirements:

Being a significant source of energy for any country, a natural gas organization’s infrastructure, supply, and distribution are critical components in today’s society and the community we live in.  The Client’s organization focuses on these activities and is responsible for supplying gas to millions of consumers across the country. 

The challenges faced by the Client included,

  • Rapidly evolving and expanding threat landscape with both external cyberattacks and internal threats.
  • Lack of comprehensive visibility into the infrastructure posed a hurdle to detecting unusual activities.
  • There was an alert overload and managing the influx of security alerts from various sources was overwhelming causing fatigue to the security team.

Specific Goals:

Well aware of the importance of protecting its critical infrastructure and network, the Client sought to upgrade its cybersecurity services.

  • Advanced Threat Detection and Response:
  • Strengthen the Client organization’s ability to detect and respond to advanced threats which include external attacks and internal threats.
  • Operations Systems integrity to protect critical data:
    • Implement the right cybersecurity solutions and integrate them with the rest of the organization’s infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive visibility into the infrastructure and network:
    • Achieve end-to-end visibility into the organization’s infrastructure and network, including critical assets, applications, and data flows.
  • Efficient alert handling and reduced alert fatigue:
    • Better management of the high volume of security alerts from various sources and mitigating alert fatigue among the security team members.
  • Operational resilience and reduction in downtime:
    • Minimize the potential impact of security incidents on critical infrastructure operations and enhance network security.

The Solution: Inspira Enterprise Approach:

Inspira, the global Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and AI services provider was entrusted with the task of upgrading the Client’s cybersecurity operations.  Inspira offered a holistic technology solution which included,

  • SIEM Implementation:
  • A robust Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform was implemented to centralize log management and provide real-time monitoring of digital assets for comprehensive visibility.
  • SOAR Integration

–      Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) software capabilities were introduced for automated incident response which standardized incident response and enhanced threat detection.

  • UEBA Deployment
    • User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) technology to analyze user and entity behavior and to detect non-malware-based attacks was deployed.
  • Vulnerability Management Solution established
    • This was established to report security vulnerabilities in systems and software.

Benefits of the Solution:

The implementation of the solution and its integration with the rest of the organization’s infrastructure led to significant improvement in its security posture,

  • The comprehensive visibility into the infrastructure and network, enabled better management and monitoring.
  • The Advanced Threat Detection and Response capabilities which were achieved with automation and triaging helped in reducing the mean time to detect and respond to security incidents.
  • Security-related downtime incidents significantly reduced, driving minimal disruptions leading to enhancing overall operational resilience.
  • A new-age Security Operations Center with advanced technologies and support engineers for 24/7 monitoring was established.

The Client’s organization said, “We are delighted and deeply appreciate Inspira’s services which have helped transform our organization’s cybersecurity posture while we successfully achieved our goals with the exercise.  The Inspira team’s expertise in SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, and Vulnerability Management Solutions was exceptional.  The newly established 24/7 SOC brought a higher level of resilience to our operations and our team’s ability to detect and respond to threats in real-time is significantly improved.  I certainly would recommend their services to organizations seeking to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses.”

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