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predictive and prescriptive analytical

Key notes

Data Integration techniques & predictive analysis to one of the government owned refinery

The Objective

Belonging to the public sector unit, the client was involved in a large joint venture business to accelerate oil development in India and wanted analytics solution.

The Challenge

The challenge was to improve the decision-making support system through data integration techniques, predictive analysis and departmental KPI based reports.

The Inspira Solution

Inspira’s proposed tech solutions were all an amalgamation of the contemporary technologies – Microsoft Data Lake, SAS Data management, SAS Advanced Analytics and SAS Visualization. This led to the desired development in the respective areas of supply, consumption, analysis, safety, and control:

  • Supply, Consumption & Cost Prediction Analytics of Raw Material Nutanix AOS, Prism PRO, FLOW, CALM, Files & Object Storage
  • Performance Evaluation Matrix of Plants and Stations
  • Health Card Dashboard based on departmental KPIs
  • Environment, Safety & Tree Plantation related Data
  • Pollution Control Parameters (CEMS, EQMS, AAQMS) Monitoring
  • All India Load Generation Analysis

Key Benefits

Some prominent qualitative and quantitative benefits that the client earned:

Quantitative Benefits

  • Operations quality improved to achieve economic optimum
  • Lower cost robust energy management program
  • Reduced operations variability
  • Reduced process waste

Qualitative Benefits

  • Improved staff productivity
  • Improved data quality and real time information availability
  • Improved transparency, control and governance
  • Performance management dashboard for action

The Result

An upgrade in the predictive and prescriptive analytical sources resulted in optimum utilization of resources and performance improvement at an all-India level.

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