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Health Care

Enabling IAM for a large healthcare organization in the USA

Business Situation

• No IAM solution in place and needed to address visibility and governance for application access
• Employee onboarding and termination process was handled manually
• Need to move to a global IAM solution while reducing costs and management challenges
• Looking for a modern and scalable IAM solution that helps avoid infrastructure
maintenance costs and better satisfies corporate risk, compliance, and governance mandates

Inspira Solution

• Saviynt’s Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform provided a comprehensive solution to the unique concerns
• Standardized, streamlined and improved methods for access reviews and attestation
• Identified and consolidated authoritative sources of identity information
• Data synchronization across multiple target systems
• Implemented cloud and hosted service access control


• Enterprise-quality IAM system that standardizes the process for Identity Onboarding from multiple authoritative sources
• Standardized the process for data synchronization across various authoritative and target applications
• Established a foundation for future solution enhancement to support process evolution, such as Identity Onboarding
• Successful integration of applications to provide streamlined enterprise-wide automated bi-monthly, quarterly, and annual manager/application and
entitlement owner access certifications
• Enhanced auditing and reporting functionality implementation to meet audit compliance requirements for business application access
• Scalability of the solution eases administrative burden on the IT staff
• Converged platform positions the organization well for the future and supports their cloud-first strategy

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