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Enterprise Fraud Risk Management Solution

Key notes

Finding bugs for smooth operations of Indian banks

The Objective

Multiple commercial banks in India had a common security requirement to deploy an Enterprise Fraud Risk Management Solution (EFRMS) to fight against intimidating frauds, hampering large banking functions.

The Challenge

In a layman’s term, the challenge was to find the bugs and get rid of them. Technically, the client put forth a challenge to identify and prevent frauds/threats in real time through monitoring and proactive prevention capability.

The Inspira Solution

Inspira designed a transparent 24×7 monitoring solution for real time fraud identification and mitigation. The banking systems inclusive of with CBS, Treasury, TMS and UPI were integrated with the EFRMS for identifying fraudulent behaviour.
Key Benefits
Integrating the fraud management system with large banking functions across client’s vast IT environment, led to a series of benefits:

  • Abiding by the regulatory compliances
  • Proactively migration and mitigating frauds
  • Advanced cross channel platform for uncovering hidden patterns, trends and outliers.
  • Platform with forensics capabilities

The Result

Inspira’s victorious deployment of an Enterprise Fraud Risk Management Solution (EFRMS) using analytics and machine learning gave the major banks an assurance of real-time threat detections and prevention.

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