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Healthcare & life scienceS

Protect healthcare data and devices with robust & cost-effective security

The accelerated pace of digital transformation in the healthcare industry has made it open to security threats. With remote access and telehealth services, confidential patient data is at stake. Attack surfaces are constantly expanding with threats that originate within and outside the organization. New services, customer touchpoints and access mechanisms result in unpatched vulnerabilities.

Unmanaged and unprotected medical devices are also easy attack vectors.

Reimagine your approach to transformation by staying ahead of evolving threats. Modernize your core systems by enabling new risk management approaches. We keep your organization secure by helping you design secure platform experiences for every user.


Cyber Advisory

Identify security vulnerabilities, improve business productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce business costs by conducting periodic security assessments and awareness training to educate your staff about cyber-attacks.

Cyber Transformation

Operate with higher efficiency by eliminating cyber-attacks. Maintain privacy and information security, ensure firewalls and antiviruses are operational and up-to-date, block unauthorized programs while enforcing the principle of Zero Trust..

Cyber Operations

Use a managed real-time intrusion detection system to spot potential cyber-attacks. Enforce regular checks for data integrity and disaster recovery. Accelerate your business processes while improving your overall productivity and performance.

Focus Areas

Medical Devices

Remote Access/Telehealth Services

Open & Shareable Healthcare Information

Supply Chain/Third-party Exposure

Protected Health/Patient Data (PHI/EHR)

Why Inspira


Ransomware & Malware

Third-party Supply Chain Risk

Protected Health Information Data Theft

Phishing Attacks

Unpatched Devices & Product Vulnerabilities

Denial of Service Attacks

Malicious Network Traffic

Mitigation Techniques

Application Security, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Privileged Access Management

Third Party Risk Management, Security Risk Assessment

Managed Detection & Response, Data Protection & Encryption, Identity & Access Governance

Security Awareness, Training & Social Engineering

Threat & Vulnerability Testing, Infrastructure & Cloud Security

Cloud & Infrastructure Security, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Network & Application Security

Business Benefits

Protected Telehealth

Regulatory Compliance

Ransomware Defense

Secure Medical IoT

Secure Cloud Journey

Secure Remote Workforce

Identity & Access Management

Intelligent Application Security

Third-party Risk Management

User Data Privacy & Protection

Success Stories

Connecting changemakers to the world through WiFi


Infact they were basically a set of people who are knowledgeable, eager to help and the relation is going great. I appreciate their effort & positive mind to support the customer requirement.

Sam Abraham ​

Chief Information Security Officer - Royal Sundaram General Insurance



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Protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your Data