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Inspira Enterprise Launches State-of-the-art Cyber Fusion Center in Dallas

Fully integrated facility will fortify organizations’ overall cyber security posture with tightly integrated data detection, investigation and response

Bengaluru, 26/6/2023: Inspira Enterprise, Inc. announced today the opening of its fourth Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) and Customer Experience Center (CEC) to expand its global cybersecurity coverage. The state-of-the-art facility, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, combines a unique customer experience center, aimed at fostering innovation and creativity, with a next-generation security operations center (SOC). It boasts a comprehensive suite of cyber threat management capabilities and is fully integrated with Inspira’s other CFCs in India and the United Arab Emirates to provide customers with full coverage, regardless of time or location.

Amit Gandre, CEO, Americas, Inspira Enterprise, said: “We’re providing our clients with a unique environment where creativity and innovation converge. Our Cyber Fusion Centers are more than just a typical SOC. They harness advanced security tools from industry-leading solution providers alongside Inspira’s services. Combined with our Customer Experience Center, which aims to address the shortage of cyber skills through strategic public-private partnerships, including collaboration with local academic institutions, our CFCs promise a world-class experience for our customers.”

The Cyber Fusion Center will provide a holistic view of the threat landscape to help remediate vulnerabilities and prioritize security posture during a time of rising threat actor activity. As cybersecurity becomes a more complex and costly business challenge, many organizations have purchased multitudes of products or services and tried to stitch them together. This requires security teams to review tens of thousands of alerts and incidents across multiple, non-integrated dashboards. As a provider of business outcome-based cybersecurity and digital transformation solutions, Inspira works to solve these challenges. Bolstered by technology partnerships with the likes of Saviynt, Microsoft, IBM, Stellar Cyber, and Fortinet, and a host of other leading security partners across the world, Inspira offers unified solutions

that deliver threat visibility, effective management and shorter mean time to recovery (MTTR) for companies of all sizes. 

The CFC builds on Inspira’s global growth strategy and multi-million-dollar investment in cybersecurity talent, packaged solutions, and industry-based expertise. Inspira will also open a fifth center in Manila this summer. Together, the CFCs provide customers with 24/7 access to cybersecurity expertise, proof of concept and innovations, and the ability to detect, respond and remediate cyber threats in near real time, while being fully integrated to bring global coverage.

Cathy Huang, research director, Security Services Worldwide, IDC, said: “It is an important milestone of Inspira’s global expansion strategy. With multiple CFCs in India, UAE, Philippines and the U.S, Inspira is able to provide the ‘follow the sun’ coverage customers need. Moreover, it demonstrates Inspira can sit with a customer and ideate unique and individualized solutions to truly provide a cybersecurity strategy that works for each customer.”

Sean Kilbride, mayor, Westlake, Texas, said: “The recent ransomware hacks that disrupted city services in Dallas are a sobering reminder that all governments and businesses alike must be prepared for an attack. It is not a matter of if, but when. We’re fortunate to have a state-of-the -art cybersecurity facility here in our backyard and look forward to helping Inspira capitalize on local talent and collaborate with academia to deliver on its mission of creating a more secure future.”

About Inspira

Inspira Enterprise is a global cybersecurity risk management service provider across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East, India and Africa regions. Inspira enables cyber resilience through its advisory, transformation and managed security services for customers around the globe. Its end-to-end cybersecurity services combine deep domain expertise with best-in-class technology solutions that help organizations proactively manage the cyber risks and secure their businesses in real time and minimize the cost of an incident. For additional information, visit

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