Privileged Access Management (PAM) made possible for a large Indian conglomerate

Business Situation

• With operations across various industries, PAM was needed for critical systems and applications
• Manual privileged access posed significant security risks and compliance challenges
• Required a scalable and modern PAM solution that can provide visibility for privileged access management, streamline administration, right account onboarding, manage passwords processes, and meet regulatory compliance requirements
• Needed a PAM solution that can help reduce management and infrastructure maintenance costs while addressing corporate risk

Inspira Solution

• BeyondTrust’s PAM solution chosen to address access needs
• Provides centralized and automated privileged access management, ensuring security and compliance of critical systems and applications customers.


• BeyondTrust’s PAM solution was able to grant the right level of access to the right users, improving security while also enabling employees to perform their tasks effectively
• The solution provided centralized and automated privileged access management, reducing the risks associated with manual management of
privileged access
• Auditable records of privileged access made available, providing a comprehensive view of privileged access to the client’s systems and applications, for regulatory compliance
• Able to meet corporate risk, compliance, and governance mandates
• Enhanced auditing and reporting functionality implementation to meet audit compliance requirements for business application access

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