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Rising Need for Managed SOC Providers

In today’s world organizations are not immune to cyber-attacks. Hence there is increasing need for managed SOC providers. Learn our comprehensive blog on managed security operations center. The cyber threats are becoming more advanced, impudent and varied — ranging from data theft to malicious code. The traditional security solutions are no longer adequate to deal with these kind of advanced threats. The internal security team may lack resources and expertise to direct, execute and hone cybersecurity strategies. Enterprise, Banks, Govt. & PSU firms are now approaching Managed SOC providers for end-to-end managed security services to meet rapidly evolving security challenges.

What is Managed SOC?

A security operations center provides centralized and consolidated cybersecurity incident prevention, detection and response capabilities.

Managed SOC Providers perform following functions:

  • Security monitoring
  • Security device/software management and maintenance
  • Threat intelligence and vulnerability management
  • Cybersecurity incident response management
  • Security compliance management
  • Security training

Managed SOC Providers bring advanced data analysis to any organization data security. Organizations can swiftly identify and counteract cyber threats at reduced cost and with minimal disruption. Managed SOC services makes it possible to establish a highly secured environment for all kinds of intellectual property.

How Managed SOC Providers work?

Organizations should clearly define a strategy that incorporates business-specific goals from various departments as well as input and support from executives. Now develop the infrastructure required to support the strategy. Security operations center infrastructure includes firewalls, IPS/IDS, breach detection solutions, probes, and a security information and event management – SIEM system. Technology should be in place to collect data via data flows, telemetry, packet capture, syslog, and other methods so that data activity can be correlated and analyzed by SOC analyst.

Managed SOC Providers monitor networks & endpoints for vulnerabilities to protect sensitive and confidential data. They monitor security events which helps in mitigating the risk of any major catastrophic security breach or the failure of any security components within the network. Managed SOC Providers monitor systems. They provide alerts based on various behavioral patterns. They indicate security risk, analyze the impact for the customer business and provide recommendation and apply the fix for the event. Security operations center Providers monitor devices and fix issues like PIX, ASA, IDS, IPS, spam filters and event co-relation tool. Each alert is analyzed and appropriate actions are taken based on the Security Incident management Process.

Services offered by Managed Security Operations Center

Proper management of the security devices. Managed SOC Providers focus on Deployment planning, Configuration, Implementation and log Analysis. Device Health Checks and regular management activities are carried out on the Security Devices which includes firewalls, IPS, IDS, Anti-virus and Anti spamware.

Managed SOC Providers manage Firewall, Intrusion Detection & Prevention Services, VPN Management, Email & Web Security and User – End Devices Security etc.

Inspira Enterprise Leading IT Solutions Provider in India, offer Managed SOC services to Enterprise, Banking, Govt. & PSU companies. Below are the services included in managed SOC solution offerings.

Managed-Security Information & Event Monitoring (M-SIEM) – High performance, cloud based, powerful security analytic tool to provide a view over the network security posture through a larger lens.
Vulnerability Management Services (VM) – Regular security scanning, On-Demand Scanning, Checking for compliance & Configurations for Security
Scalable Protection Services – Providing comprehensive security for protecting Endpoints, Servers (Physical | Virtual | Cloud), Network, Web & Email Anywhere

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