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Migrating from Splunk to Sentinel SIEM for Intelligent, Proactive Cybersecurity

Executive Summary

Inspira facilitated a smooth transition for a prominent healthcare organization from Splunk to Microsoft Sentinel SIEM. With Sentinel, they now possess enhanced capabilities to fend off threats, bolster cyber-resilience, cut down on security expenses, and amplify their security return on investment.

Overcoming Challenges with Ingenuity and Expertise

Strengthen the security posture without complicating security operations

The organization faced challenges maintaining their costly Splunk license for threat detection and incident response, leaving them exposed to numerous threats. Thanks to Inspira's support, they seamlessly migrated from Splunk to Microsoft Sentinel, enhancing their cybersecurity capacities and streamlining security operations. Additionally, Inspira facilitated the automation of SOAR, reinforced access controls, and tackled complexities associated with correlation rules, data parsing, log normalization, and alerting/grouping.

Restarting SOC with Sentinel

Creating a stronger security posture with an advanced, AI-powered SIEM

Adopting Microsoft Sentinel in incremental stages has facilitated the organization's smooth SOC reboot, minimizing downtime and integration hurdles. Now equipped with Microsoft Sentinel, they can amplify threat detection, pre-empt security breaches, and expedite incident resolution. Leveraging Microsoft Sentinel's AI-driven analytics, integrated orchestration, automation features, and live threat intelligence, they've fortified their resilience against threats and bolstered their cybersecurity posture.

Intelligent SIEM, Stronger Security Operations, Tangible Outcomes


Cost Savings


Enhanced Detection Coverage

Attack Surface Visibility

Increased visibility into the threat landscape

From just 12 data sources to integration with 23 sources

Enhanced detection coverage

From just 90 rules in Splunk to 187 rules in Sentinel

Proactive threat hunting queries

From <25 to 222 hunting rules (+187 detection rules) for improved threat detection and incident response

Data visualization workbooks

From 8 to 55, simplifying security operations and threat identification