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Video Conferencing Solutions in edutech industry

The edutech sector in India has entered new era – learning through mobile devices, online videos, online lectures through video conferencing etc. Video conferencing solutions in edutech is playing a key role for collaborative education experience among students in India. The Indian edutech industry is moving towards an exceptional growth and video conferencing solutions in edutech has enhanced the entire education experience. There is demand for flexible and customized education and innovation. Due to Smart Phones, students have access to interactive videos, textbooks, on-demand classrooms, customized learning modules, access to top-quality lessons and content from some of the best universities in the world.

Technology is impacting every aspect of our lives including education. Education is becoming fun due to game-based learning, mobile apps, videos and artificial intelligence. Technology-driven learning is bringing a qualitative and quantitative difference to an Indian education Vertical. Technology and education are changing the face of global learning with video conferencing solutions in edutech.

Inspira Enterprise – Leading IT Solutions provider in India, with its center of excellence in Networking, Unified Communication, IT Security, Cloud, Healthcare and Smart City solutions, have been offering video conferencing solutions in edutech industry. Here are the advantages of video conferencing solutions in edutech industry for our readers.

Advantages of Video Conferencing Solutions in edutech

Video conferencing can connect different schools for association. In past teachers were sent to other schools to learn good teaching skills and management experience when schools intended to co-operate with other schools for better education. There was limitation and delay due to distance between schools, time and money. Due to Video Conferencing Solutions in edutech, things have changed in education vertical. Schools can now adopt powerful video conference solution when an academic conference, a teaching training, or have a webinar for online education with other schools has to be organized.

Video conferencing solutions in edutech helps students living in remote areas who can go for virtual classrooms. There is no need for them to travel long distance to attend school. They can gain knowledge and experience virtual school trip without spending hours in traveling.
Recorded sessions is the key aspect of Video conferencing solutions in edutech, Video conferencing allows you to record lessons for review. Students might miss class due to various reasons. In that case they can go through the recorded sessions and be at par with other students. However, learning a lesson by themselves is not so easy, when the lesson has a lot of new knowledge. In this case, video conferencing turns out to be a good helper. Video Conferencing supports recording and playback. Teachers can record the lessons when they are teaching through video conferencing and students can review it later.

Voice engagement in video conferencing solutions in edutech permits to chat with the expert face-to-face. Experts can be invited to impart teaching experience to teachers and give classes for students through video conferencing. The school can invite expert to join an online video conference. Teachers and students can chat and interact with the experts to solve queries. This in turn helps you to save a lot of time and money for travel.
Video Conferencing makes Out-of-Class Learning Easier. Education needs formal and informal classes like field trips etc. It’s a lifelong process. Once teachers finish giving formal education in classroom setup they might plan to do out-of class learning to enrich student’s knowledge. Video conferencing for education makes out-of-class learning easier. Your teachers can use the video conferencing solution to teach students and even they can create and study in groups to learn from each other.

Through video conferencing solution, parents and teachers can connect closely. Attending parents’ teachers’ conference is difficult for working parents or for parents having busy work arrangement or when they’re on a business trip. Teachers can ask student’s parents to attend the conference via a video conferencing solution, no matter where students’ parents live or stay.Video conferencing solutions in edutech have thus even enhanced parent’s overall experience while education their kids.

Video Conferencing enables students to experience a virtual school trip. Teachers have to make full preparations ahead of time, including the destination to go, the bus to take, the food to eat, the time to go and back etc. Time restraints, budget issues and bad weather, can make a trip impractical. Video conferencing solution is most feasible solution. Students can enjoy the school trip when sitting in the comfortable classroom.
Video Conferencing solution shrinks the cost for elementary facilities for education. Some Schools especially in remote areas might not have enough funds to build or expand the school buildings. In this case, the video conferencing solution for education can be a better option. With low-cost, it brings a new world where students can see, hear and learn something they may not know when in a common class.
Video based learning has huge potential to make any communication and information based activity more immersive and experiential.

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