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Risk-proof your institution with comprehensive security

Cybersecurity in higher education is different than it is in corporate environments. With the proliferation of Bring Your Own Devices, valuable research and personnel data is at risk. It is difficult to get support/consent from every student, faculty and researcher in protecting their confidential information and intellectual property. They are less likely to adhere to strict access and cybersecurity control policies. Neglecting these policies brings them directly into a hostile threat landscape.

Protect, defend and respond to cyber threats and minimize service disruptions by building effective defenses for your cloud and on-prem infrastructure and applications.

Deliver a secure, rich and seamless user experience across applications, devices and the IoT ecosystem.


Cyber Advisory

Manage risk and protect the privacy of students, parents, faculty and staff. We offer strategic guidance and collaborative assessment of an institution’s current security posture with the identification of people, process and technology gaps.

Cyber Transformation

Maintain privacy and information security, ensure firewalls and antiviruses are operational and up-to-date, block unauthorized programs while enforcing the principle of Zero Trust.

Cyber Operations

Use a managed real-time intrusion detection system to spot potential cyber-attacks. Enforce regular checks for data integrity and disaster recovery. Accelerate your business processes while improving your overall productivity and performance.

Focus Areas

Intellectual Property (IP)/Research Data


Open Environments & Network


User Data/Personally Identifiable Information

Supply Chain & Third-party Exposure

Why Inspira


Phishing Attacks

Intellectual Property & Customer Data Theft

Impersonation & Fraud

Denial of Service Attacks

Ransomware & Malware

Web Defacement

Supply Chain & Third-Party Risk

Mitigation Techniques

Security Awareness, Training & Social Engineering

Managed Detection & Response, Data Protection & Encryption, Identity & Access Governance

Identity Proofing, Multi-factor Authentication

Cloud & Infrastructure Security, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Application Security, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery & Privileged Access Management

Network Security, Identity & Access Management, Application Security

Third-party Risk Management, Security Risk Assessment

Business Benefits

Data Protection

Identity & Access Management

Secure Cloud Journey

Secure Remote Workforce

Intelligent Application Security

Security Software & Platforms

Third-party Risk Management

Regulatory Compliance

Managed Detection & Response

User Data Privacy & Protection

Success Stories

Connecting changemakers to the world through WiFi


Infact they were basically a set of people who are knowledgeable, eager to help and the relation is going great. I appreciate their effort & positive mind to support the customer requirement.

Sam Abraham ​

Chief Information Security Officer - Royal Sundaram General Insurance



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